Josh Medors Benefit Auctions Begin Saturday

Official Press Release

The benefit auctions for artist Josh Medors are now live and on Ebay!

Starting at 9am PST, a new auction will list every minute until they are all up. They will all start at $9.99 or less starting bids, and almost all without reserves.

You can see them all as they list at:

Contributing artists include Frank Frazetta, Nat Jones, Tim Seeley, Mike Allred, Josh Medors (of course), Ben Templesmith, Steve Kurth, Nick Bradshaw, Mark Kidwell, Andrew Mangum, Ryan Winn, Richard Moore, Randy Kintz, Ken Haeser, Buz Hassen, Colleen Doran, Phil Hester, John Stinsman, Russ Maheras, Matt Martin, Rob Doria, and many more.

Because of the collectors who donated art, we also have great pieces by artists who weren't able to contribute themselves, like Dave Finch, Tyler Kirkham, Khoi Pham, Jason Howard, John Romita Jr, Ethan Van Sciver,Georges Jeanty, Scott Clark, Steve McNiven, and so many more! Plus, there was a huge number of largely unknown and/or amateur artists who donated some great work, so there should be great art for every price range! And with how much we'll be listing, you may get an unheard of deal on some of these goodies, on top of helping a good cause.

Please take a look at the auctions on Ebay running all this week, and maybe throw down a bid or two. The cause is noble, the art and selection is great, and together we can make a difference!

Thanks for your time,

Dave Kopecki


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