Josh Hutcherson Says Bye Bye <i>Spider-Man</i>, Hello <i>X-Men</i>?

Already the subject of one high profile rumor connecting him as the front runner for Peter Parker in Spider-Man, Josh Hutcherson now has another potential Marvel project to contend with — X-Men: First Class.

Devin Faraci at CHUD cites sources who suggest that Hutcherson's involvement in Spider-Man is far from a sure thing, going so far as to say it's doubtful he'll get the role. Instead, Faraci has heard "rumors that Hutcherson is a favorite for the role of Cyclops in X-Men: First Class, but I can't verify that at the moment."

It really is interesting how much overlap there seems to be between Spider-Man and First Class, if only in the rumor mill. Michael Fassbender was reportedly tasked with choosing between Magneto in X-Men and a villain role in Spider-Man, ultimately opting for the former. Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson has long been rumored for First Class, but was also recently tossed into the pool of Spider-Man contenders. Whether there's any truth to the rumor or not, it now appears that Hutcherson's reputation is at least getting pulled into the rumored Marvel tug of war between Fox and Sony.

Interesting stuff. Let's see how it develops.

Source: CHUD

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