Josh Howard's "The Lost Books Of Eve" Hits This November

Official Press Release

Josh Howard reintroduces the mother of all babes this November with The Lost Books of Eve. The new bi-monthly series is primed to be a fun, action packed adventure and will alternate with Howard's new Dead@17 on-going series.

Journey back to a time when magic still thrived, dragons and fallen gods roamed the earth, and man was just a myth. The Garden of Eden was a place of perfect peace and tranquility. That is, until its keeper, Adam, went missing. Now, his newly created wife, Eve, must venture outside the safety of the Garden for the first time to go in search of her husband, all the while battling monsters, beast men, wizards, demons, and even the gods themselves. It's the fun and adventure of "Samurai Jack" mixed with the epic scope of "Lord of the Rings."

"We're thrilled to not only offer Josh's return to the world that started it all, Dead@17 , but also a look into the future of his comic book career with The Lost Books of Eve ," said Viper Comics President Jessie Garza. "The fun and action of this book will have a broad appeal to longtime Josh fans and new readers alike."

After Dead@17 #3 this October, the book will go on a bi-monthly schedule shipping in December, February, April, etc, while The Lost Books of Eve will ship in the intervening months with issue #1 in November, followed by issues in January, March, etc. "Two great books and fans still get their dose of Josh Howard every month," said Garza.

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