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Creator Debuts New Series, BLACK HARVEST in November

Chicago, IL – August 4, 2005 – This fall, rising star Josh Howard's latest series will be releasedfrom Devil's Due Publishing as a four-issue miniseries. The title, Black Harvest, continues the horror and suspenseful vibe of Howard's cult hit Dead @ 17, and is described by the creator as "The X-Files meets Smallville."

Check out the promo art here: http://www.devilsdue.net/promo/black_harvest.jpg

Black Harvest tells the story of ZAYA VAHN. The small town of Jericho, Texas is thrown into chaos when the 19 year old girl, who went missing 3 years earlier, mysteriously returns with no memory of what has happened. The word "Repent" is etched into her skin, and her chest is tattooed with the image of two bowing angels.

Zaya begins to exhibit strange abilities, including telepathy and pyrokinesis. But where she's beenand what's happened to her remain a mystery. Rumors grow and accusations fly. Some believeshe was brainwashed by a doomsday cult. Others think she was the victim of a sexual predator orsubjected to some bizarre government testing. Even more outlandish theories begin to surface,those involving UFO abduction - a theory that gains credibility as strange lights begin to be seenin the skies over town.

"I was immediately drawn to Howard's work on Dead @ 17 a few years ago in San Diego when he had a small preview book for sale," said Josh Blaylock, president of Devil's Due, "After the book debuted, I approached him about crossing the Dead @ 17 universe with my own title, MISPLACED, so when Josh approached us about publishing Black Harvest a few months ago I gladly took him up on the offer."

"I couldn't be more excited about bringing 'Black Harvest' to Devil's Due." said Josh Howard. "After developing a relationship with them during the Dead @ 17/ Misplaced crossover, I knew they were the perfect home for my new property."

For more information on Josh Howard visit www.joshhoward.net and stay tuned to www.devilsdue.net for more information on BLACK HARVEST.

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