Josh Hagler's new project!

Some of you more long-term readers of the blog might remember how much I loved Josh Hagler's The Boy Who Made Silence, which was the best mini-series of 2008 (considering that I Kill Giants came out mostly in 2008, that's saying something).

Anyway, Hagler got in touch with me recently about his new project, which is an animated feature project. You can check out this video about it, too. Hagler has begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for this sucker, and he asked me to let you guys know about it in case you're interested in contributing. I know it's not comics, but I'm still hoping for the completion of The Boy Who Made Silence, so if I can help Hagler become independently wealthy, I'm all for it! So if you're at all keen on it, click on over and read all about it!

Wonder Woman #62

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