Josh Brolin Reportedly A Favorite To Star In Spike Lee's <i>Oldboy</i>

Twitch, the movie site that broke the story last week that Spike Lee was in talks to direct Oldboy -- his involvement was made official just yesterday -- now reports that Josh Brolin is Mandate Pictures' top choice to star in the remake of Park Chan-Wook’s revenge classic.

Although no offer has been made, Brolin would of course play the role made so memorable by Choi Min-sik in the 2003 South Korean original, that of a businessman kidnapped and held captive for 15 years without explanation. When he’s suddenly released, he sets out to discover the identity of his captor and the reason for his imprisonment, only to find that his kidnapper has even worse plans for him.

The website also contends that screenwriter Mark Protosevich is drawing inspiration from both Chan-Wook's film and the original manga by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi: "Beyond that we are also told that the approach here is not unlike that employed with The Departed, a film from the same producers which used characters and scenarios from the source material as a launching point while also jettisoning several key elements and events from the original film and working significant amounts of entirely new material into the mix. We're told roughly twenty percent of the Protosevich script is entirely new material."

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