Josh Brolin Preps to Play Cable in Deadpool 2 BTS Photos

It's early days yet for the Merc with a Mouth's sequel, but Josh Brolin has shared a pair of photos of him getting ready for his role as Cable in the upcoming comedy-action sequel “Deadpool 2.”

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It was announced the actor would take on the part a mere week ago, but Brolin’s head has already been cast in blue gel that will give the movie studio a better idea of his facial proportions once the film has progressed to the point where special effects and prostheses are ready to be applied. Regardless of the necessity of the process, it’s certainly a striking image, and but Brolin found the humor in the situation.

Brolin appended the comment, “Oh, you thought the other one was gnarly. Ha!” to one of his images, a direct reference to the actor’s other major comic book movie role as Thanos in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. While the casting decision triggered a decent amount of conversation among comics fans unsure if Brolin’s roles would conflict, the general consensus among Hollywood decisionmakers seems to be that the issue is a moot point.

Marvel Studios President Kevein Feige recently addressed Brolin’s roles as both Cable and Thanos, noting that there’s nothing in MCU actors’ contracts dictating what roles they can and can’t take.

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Brolin also called out Bill Corso in his post. Corso was the makeup designer for “Deadpool” who looks to be returning in the same capacity for the film’s sequel. Corso has also worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and on the some of the most high-budget projects of the last several years, including overseeing makeup for Harrison Ford on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and acting as makeup department head on “Kong: Skull Island.” Corso has been working as a makeup artist since 1986.

Brolin also managed to sneak in a jab at “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds in his second image, including the hashtag #ryanreyondsismybitch. The sentiment is in keeping with Brolin’s character, Cable, who was the leader of the X-Force team that at times hunted the wisecracking mutant Deadpool, but eventually saw the Merc with a Mouth join their ranks. The hashtag is also likely meant to rouse some sort of response from Reynolds, who enjoys a long history of playful social media banter with other superhero movie actors, most notably former Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman.

Debuting in theaters in 2018, “Deadpool 2” is a production of 20th Century Fox directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, Zazie Beetz, Karan Soni, Stefan Kapicic and Josh Brolin.

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