Josh Boone Takes 'The Stand'

First there was Ben Affleck. Then there was Scott Cooper. Then there were rumors of Paul Greengrass. And now, a new name has emerged to take over The Stand.

Deadline reports the Fault in our Stars filmmaker Josh Boone is Warner Bros.' latest choice to direct The Stand, based on the epic post-apocalypse novel by Stephen King.

The story centers on disparate survivors of a global pandemic called Captain Trips. Many of the survivors band together to reform society, while others band together to seal the deal on its extinction. The novel was previously adapted as a television miniseries.

As mentioned earlier, Boone isn't the first director attached to The Stand, with Affleck and Cooper both on board at different points. Even Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates was once rumored for the project. In other words, The Stand has changed hands numerous times already — it's entirely possible that Boone won't be the last name on the director's credit.

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