Josh Blaylock talks the Future of "G.I. Joe" Comics and More

For a number of weeks now readers of Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters column here on CBR have read rumors that major changes are in store for the "G.I. Joe" comics coming from Devil's Due Publishing. Cancellation, reboots, retcons, etc., were all rumored possibilities.

Monday afternoon Devil's Due Publishing's President and founder Josh Blaylock set the record straight and detailed their plans for "G.I. Joe" in the coming years for G.I. Joe enthusiast Web site YoJoe.com. Blaylock told YoJoe.com:

This June, the G.I.Joe world is turned upside down when a new menace blindsides G.I.Joe AND Cobra, and changes things forever. The G.I.Joe team has had a string of bad luck for a while now, and they truly are the underdogs now. Even their own government is working against them in many ways. Cobra, on the other hand, has fallen completely back under Cobra Commander's control, and looks to be upon the verge of victory. Well, things are going to change for BOTH of them in more ways than one.

Issue #43 will be the last issue of the current G.I.Joe ongoing series, and June 30th, just days before July 4th, the series will be reborn. The continuity is NOT going away. It NEVER was. But what we WILL be doing, is altering the way the Joe team operates, and the structure of Cobra, to make the series more accessible to casual readers, new readers, and big name creative talent. We're going to be tackling some of the 'age' issues with the characters, and the series timeline, but I'll go into that later.

The "NEW" G.I.Joe will take place one year after issue #43. Some of the characters will have gone through major changes, but all will be more resolved than ever in their mission to defend freedom from the likes of Cobra... and everything ELSE that threatens America. Joe Casey steps in as the new writer, and newly signed exclusive DDP artist Stefano Caselli on pencils. Brandon Jerwa will begin work on a top secret project that ties in with this title, and Tim Seeley begins drawing an equally classified upcoming project that is going to be his best work yet.

Blaylock continues his chat with the Web site here and talks at length about the future of the series.

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