Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the 'Exciting' Challenges of Making 'Sandman'

Best known for starring in front of the cameras in films like The Dark Knight Rises, Looper and, currently, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is making some ambitious strides as a filmmaker.

After directing the indie comedy Don Jon, Gordon-Levitt is next set to take a crack at adapting Sandman, the Vertigo series written and created by Neil Gaiman. Gordon-Levitt  is working on the adaptation with Gaiman, as well as The Dark Knight veteran David S. Goyer.

"Right now we're working on a script," he told MovieFone. "It's me and Goyer and the screenwriter and Neil Gaiman, as well as the good folks at DC and Warner Bros. It's a really cool team of people. It's a lot of the same people who worked on the Nolan Batman movies. It's really exciting."

But according to the actor, getting this dream project off the ground is easier said than done.

"There's not a script yet." he said, "We're still kind of working it out, because it's such a complicated adaptation because Sandman wasn't written as novels. Sin City was written as a novel. Sandman is 75 episodic issues. There's a reason people have been trying and failing to adapt Sandman for the past 20 years."

That said, Gordon-Levitt feels confident in what he and his team are bringing to the Sandman equation.

"You know, we're still in the middle of it, so I don't want to make any claims," he said, "but I think we've got the right ideas."

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