Joseph Gordon-Levitt Linked to Tarantino's <i>Django Unchained</i>

Quentin Tarantino movies are always a whirlwind of news, rumors and casting announcements. The closer the movies get to actually filming, the more concrete things become, and we're finally getting to that stage with his spaghetti Western Django Unchained.

Even with Jamie Foxx signed on to play the titular Django, Leonard DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson signed on and Gerald McRaney in talks, there's still roles to be figured out and scheduled. One such role will hopefully be filled by Joseph Gordon-Levitt of 50/50 and Inception fame, Variety reports.

According to the trade, Gordon-Levitt wants to be in the movie, but might run into scheduling conflicts because his upcoming Premium Rush will most likely open around the time Tarantino wants to start shooting (January of next year for a Dec. 25, 2012, release), and the actor might be needed to make the promotional rounds.

The movie's already packed with some pretty heavy talent -- Kurt Russell and Don Johnson have also signed on to the Weinstein Company Western -- but Gordon-Levitt has proven himself not only as a great actor, but one who can easily move from the emotional impact of something like the cancer dramedy 50/50 to his ass-kicking turn in Inception.

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