Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gives an Update on 'Sandman'

While speaking with IGN, Joseph Gordon-Levitt discussed the upcoming "Sandman" feature film, to which the actor will star, direct and produce.

"We're working on it," he told IGN. "Sandman is… I love it, too, but it's not an obvious adaptation. They've been trying. There's been drafts of Sandman scripts. I was talking to Neil Gaiman about this and he said, 'I've read so many Sandman scripts!' For decades! For the last 20 years, there's been different tries and the reason is Sandman is a series of comics."

Gordon-Levitt went on to explain that "Sandman" was written with the intent of being a long-running, episodic comic book series and not a limited series or graphic novel, which makes adapting it into a film extremely difficult. "If you examine it from the broad strokes, there is sort of a beginning, middle and end, but it was written in such this episodic way," he said. "It's not like adapting a graphic novel. Like 'Watchmen' is a book. This isn't that, so it really takes quite a bit of creativity and ingenuity to figure out, okay, how can we take all these kind of disparate episodes and make them congeal into a movie -- a feature film that’s got a beginning, middle and end."

"The Sandman" currently has no set release date, but Gordon-Levitt is making the film in conjunction with "Sandman" writer Neil Gaiman and "The Dark Knight's" David S. Goyer. Jack Throne is writing the screenplay.

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