Joseph Gordon-Levitt Breaks Some Bones in New 'Sin City' Clip

Careful, there! This Sin City clip could split your skull open.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes his Basin City debut in a new clip from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, co-directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Although the movie takes many of its stories from Miller's Sin City comics, there are some vignettes invented purely for the film — such as "The Long Bad Night," the segment starring Gordon-Levitt as a down-on-his-luck gambler named Johnny, who takes it on himself to protect a young stripper named Marcy, played by Julia Garner.

In a new clip from MTV, Johnny takes matters into his own bone-crushing hands, and the results aren't pretty for the two goons following him.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters on Aug. 22.

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