José Luis García-López extends DC exclusive

Official Press Release

José Luis García-López, one of the most respected artists in comics, has extended his exclusive contract with DC for one year. García-López's art appeared recently in ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION BOOK ONE: OASIS (STAR18213) and HAWKMAN #18.

"My relationship with DC goes back 28 years, and it's always been great, with or without a contract," says García-López. "I always have a good time with DC. Years ago, somebody asked me why I don't work for other companies, and the reason is I feel good working with DC. I feel comfortable, and the editors and staff there respect me and my work. I'm very happy to continue the relationship."

"Many artists have worked all sides of the comic-book publishing street, but José has helped define the look of DC's comics and merchandising for about three decades now," says Senior Group Editor Mike Carlin. "It is a great thrill to have the DC artist sticking with us - and drawing the DC pantheon as they're best recognized on at least one JLA arc! We have way more coming with José, so let the celebrating begin!"

In addition to the JLA story, García-López is pencilling the third volume of ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.

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