Jordan Peele Explains How Twilight Zone is Different from Black Mirror

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Executive producer Jordan Peele and actor Kumail Nanjiani have elaborated on how the upcoming reboot of The Twilight Zone will be different from Netflix's Emmy-award winning Black Mirror.

Peele, who'll also be hosting the series made it clear that the new anthology, just like the iconic original series, has no limit whereas Black Mirror felt a bit restricted in its scope.

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"Black Mirror is an absolute masterpiece, and we wouldn't have moved forward with our show if we didn't identify what is unique to Black Mirror and what is unique to Twilight Zone," Peele told Entertainment Weekly. "One of the easy rules that we made for ourselves is that we don't have to explore technology -- Twilight Zone covers everything else the imagination can think of."

Black Mirror really does sticks to the theme of technology, whereas The Twilight Zone has touched on the realms of drama, horror, sci-fi and even comedy in the past. Nanjiani, who appears in an episode titled "The Comedian," also pointed out another differentiating factor is that the overall essence of The Twilight Zone isn't bleak and pessimistic like how Black Mirror's universe is.

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"At its core, Black Mirror is cynical about humanity -- that's not a dig, I love the show," Nanjiani added. "To me, Twilight Zone, no matter how dark the episode, is ultimately optimistic about humanity."

Executive produced and hosted by Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone is slated to premiere on April 1 on CBS All Access, 60 years after the premiere of the original series on CBS.

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