Jones' 'Lady Killer' shines when colored by Laura Allred

I made no bones when I first wrote about the Joëlle Jones/Jamie S. Rich Lady Killer five-issue miniseries would be a must read, given the fact that award-winning veteran colorist Laura Allred would be gracing Jones' art. While going into the first issue with elevated hopes, amazingly enough the Jones/Allred artistic team exceeded all of my heightened expectations.

Do not be mistaken, Jones is the star of this series--and Rich as her collaborator is a savvy enough co-writer to stay out of her way for the most part on this first issue. Jones and Rich have been long-term creative team; it is clear from the outset that Jones has learned a great deal from Rich over the years. In past interviews, Rich noted the learning process has never been one-sided--as Rich fully conceded gaining a great deal of insight from the artist.

Rich is sparse with the dialogue in just the right moments, while Jones hits every action beat exactly right. This opening issue starts with a discordant, but perfect mix of physical comedy and raw violence, only to throw the readers into the throes of chaotic domestic tranquility in the very next scene.

Publisher Dark Horse has spared no expense in making this miniseries loaded with talent, aside from colorist Allred, the editorial team consists of assistant editors Jemiah Jefferson and Shantel Larocque plus very likely the best editor the company has: Scott Allie. The miniseries core concept--Josie Schuller, a stay-at-home mom who runs errands to enable her to drop her housewife facade for her true calling: contract killer--is deftly introduced with not one iota of heavy-handed narration.

I hope this miniseries garners the attention and sales it deserves so that this is not the last readers see of Schuller's unique brand of deep cover suburban bliss.

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