Jonathan Hickman Promises Solo Moira X Series Is Coming

Moira MacTaggert is arguably the breakout star of Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X series. The big revelation that she has the mutant power of reincarnation is the catalyst for the writer's X-Men plans, which have redefined the mutants' place in the Marvel Universe.

Even though she is keeping a low profile in Marvel's upcoming Dawn of X lineup of titles, Hickman promises Moira X will headline a solo series in the near future.

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Hickman was asked about the absence of an updated Moira X timeline in the conclusion of Powers of X #6. After he provided some background on plans changing, he dropped the news that a writer has signed on to write the adventures of Moira X.

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"The reason why this changed in production is because there was a writer we had hoped to get to do our eventual Moira book (that works as a kind of ‘dancing between the raindrops’ of X-Continuity story), and they agreed to do it long before we were expecting them to commit," Hickman told Adventures in Poor Taste. "Which was great news. Then I basically told them what I was planning to do and asked if they wanted me to NOT put the timeline in the book (which would lock a lot of plot/story stuff in), and after talking about it, we decided not to stick it in there. So the Cylobel bits went unresolved (for now) on the page."

He added, "But we got the writer we wanted, and that book is going to be amazing."

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With Moira X having lived through nine previous lives, and the number of clues and Easter eggs found on the previously-released timelines, there is some fertile ground to flesh out Moira's motivations for manipulating the X-Men's actions.

X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu goes on sale Oct. 16.

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