Jonah Hex & More DC Characters Likely to Feature in "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2

As season one of "Legends of Tomorrow" draws to a close, The CW is already looking ahead towards who they will introduce in season two. While the main cast is likely to return, stand alone episodes might feature a variety of classic DC Comics heroes and villains.

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Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim recently spoke with Comicbook.com about the possibility of introducing new characters in season two and which characters might be poised to come back. It was announced earlier this year that they are already actively casting for a Han Solo type character and a female military officer from the 1940s.

One fan favorite, Jonah Hex, is already being eyed for a role in season two. "I also think that Johnathon Schaech was an incredible Hex, and we were talking last night about doing another episode with him already." Jonah Hex made his "Legends of Tomorrow" debut in episode eleven of this season, titled "The Magnificent Seven." Hex turned out to be a friend of Captain Rip Hunter, who came to the aid of the team as they rescued the town of Salvation. "We really -- when it comes to something like having Jonah on the show, we didn't look at it as something that would thrill the fans -- we look at it as a bucket list. We wanted to do Jonah."

Since Hex is already a possible returning character, Guggenheim also said how many opportunities the show has to bring in other characters from the comics, especially since the team isn't set in one location like "The Flash" and "Arrow." "We love the idea that the show is a gateway to the whole of the DC Universe, and we have an actual opportunity to go to every corner of the DC Universe, any time or any place that the story makes sense. I will say that you'll see even more DC characters in Season Two. By a large margin."

The "Legends of Tomorrow" season finale airs Thursday, May 19 on The CW at 8 p.m.

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