Jonah Hex #8 Review

Here's my problem - when you build your story around a twist, the twist actually has to be a good one, because building a story around a twist is a bad idea to start with, so if the twist then turns out to not be that good, then you're just sunk.

This issue of Jonah Hex was built around a twist - and the twist just wasn't that good.

The art by Dylan Tegue (and later, a fairly jarring transition to Val Semeiks) was good.

In fact, there were also some strong moments at the end of the issue, with the comeuppance for the bad guy. And there was a good character bit between a whore and Hex.

But otherwise, the issue was pretty much framed around a twist so obvious that a blind man could have seen it coming. I have enjoyed the work that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have done on this title so far, especailly their committment to done in one stories. In fact, I am willing to cut them more than a little slack regarding the entire concept of "done in one" stories, in the sense that, after awhile, having to continually write "done in one" stories can be more than a slight pain in the butt, as you just slowly end up being "forced" to use certain stock plots, all for the sake of getting a "done in one" story done.

However, while I sympathize, and certainly do not think it speaks poorly of their overall work on this title, in this particular instance, it made for a below average comic.

Therefore, I would not recommend this comic.

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