Jon Stewart: 'With great power comes lack of impulse control'

Jon Stewart kicked off last night's episode of The Daily Show with coverage the weekend scuffle in Times Square between New York City police and a man dressed as Ultimate Spider-Man. Hey, if the New York Post can put the story on the front page, The Daily Show can lead with it.

The webslinger, one of numerous costumed characters (several of whom are dress as Spider-Man), was reportedly confronted by an officer after he demanded at least $5 from a family for posing for a photo. Police say when the wall-crawler cursed at the officer and told him to mind his own business -- and when the cop moved in to arrest him, things got heated.

Stewart was quick to blow the lid off Spider-Man's identity. "His real name's Peter Parker ... P-A-R-K-er," he said in a stage whisper. " ... He lives with his aunt in Queens. ... And it's his fault Uncle Ben died." Then he shouted at the studio audience, "It was his fault! Spider-Man's egotism caused that!"

Of course, the man, who was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and criminal mischief after allegedly hitting the cop in the face, was dressed as Ultimate Spider-Man, not Parker-variety Spider-Man. But we'll give Stewart a pass because of comments like this: "With great power comes lack of impulse control."

That, and remarks from a Times Square Batman that segue into a discussion about race and instances of excessive by police, for which Stewart wasjoined by Larry Wilmore -- who's unconvinced that the introduction of Sam Wilson as Captain America is really progress.

"So they really think a black superhero is going to change things?" he said. "Jon, you know he's just going to spend all his time answering questions about why he always seems to show up at crime scenes. Not to mention the outfit: 'Red and blue, huh? So you're with the Bloods and the Crips?'"

Watch the videos below.

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