Jon Hamm Is the Batman We Need (If Not the One We Deserve)

Ben Affleck currently plays perhaps the most popular comic book character of all time, Batman. Ever since his introduction to the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have praised his performance as an old, grizzly version of the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, his involvement in Warner Bros.' DC Comics Universe has been plagued with rumors that he's leaving the role for what seems like years.

You'd think that the actor would be more than happy being able to portray Bruce Wayne in multiple movies; it provides a solid stream of work in huge blockbusters, and fans have already shown they approve of his involvement. There's a chance, no matter how small, that Affleck signed on to the role due to the premise that he'd get to write, direct, and star in his own Batman flick, though that's since broken down significantly. Matt Reeves is now developing his own take on the character for what's believed to be a trilogy, and recent rumors suggest he's looking to cast somebody else as the Caped Crusader.

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With all this being said, fan-favorite actor Jon Hamm is said to be actively looking for a way into Reeves' project. The Man Men actor has reportedly been "carefully courting" the director for a number of months now - and it seems like a perfect fit if the solo flick continue the character's arc from Batman v Superman through to Justice League. Let's take a look at why Jon Hamm is the perfect candidate to play the protector of Gotham!

The Willingness

First of all, it really helps if an actor is keen to take on a role. Their enthusiasm in playing the character will translate into how they tackle it on-screen, and it provides fans with some reassurance that their favorite hero is in good hands - this is even more important in a Cinematic Universe where actors return to roles a number of times. Affleck's uncertainty and apparent lack of dedication has turned some fans cold on his inclusion in these movies, so Hamm having this level of drive to become Batman is a great start.

Jon Hamm

Not once have other actors such as Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, who play Superman and Wonder Woman respectively, had these same rumors surrounding them. This leaves us to think that it's more than just a rumor whenever another report comes around saying Affleck's days are numbered. So, when it's revealed that "Jon knows Ben has faced some criticisms over Batman v Superman and Justice League" but still wants in on the franchise, then he must be serious about the role.

The Looks

It also helps that Hamm is basically the perfect Bruce Wayne in terms of appearance. Let's be honest, he's incredibly handsome. His rugged good looks means he can step into a room and his presence is immediately felt, and that's exactly the same for Bruce. Just look at his initial meeting with Diana Prince and Clark Kent in Batman v Superman; they're naturally drawn to him.

Jon Hamm

While there's not a specific look for somebody who's incredibly successful, when Hamm dons a swarve suit it's not difficult to believe that he owns a multi-billion dollar company in Wayne Enterprises. Believing in the character you're seeing on the big screen is a huge deal.

Not only that, but if Hamm was to straight-up replace Affleck as Batman then it wouldn't be too much of a stretch, as Hamm is only one year old than his predecessor and has a similar build - it wouldn't feel as if we're watching the same character in two different moments in time. Instead, it would feel like a natural continuation of the character, just merely with another actor. This has proven to work in the past, just look at Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as James Rhodes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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