Jon Hamm Lands Lead in <i>Despicable Me</i> Spinoff

Mad Men star Jon Hamm will lend his voice to Universal Pictures' animated Minions. According to Deadline, Hamm will play Herb Overkill, one of the lead roles in the Despicable Me spinoff.

Minions sets its sights on the oblong, yellow minions from Despicable Me, in the 1960s before they were the henchmen for Gru as they compete to become henchmen for Scarlett Overkill, Herb's wife and super villainess bent on world domination. The spinoff is set to debut next year, with Despicable Me 2 releasing this summer.

Hamm isn't quite a stranger to voiceover work, playing Brogan in Shrek Forever After and guest roles on Robot Chicken, Archer, Bob's Burgers and Metalocalypse

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, Minions stars Sandra Bullock as Scarlett Overkill, Jon Hamm as Herb Overkill with a script by Brian Lynch. The film opens Dec. 19, 2014.

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