Jon Hamm Denies 'Doctor Strange' Rumors, But He's Not Against the Idea

As fans anxiously wait to learn who will play Marvel Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange, there's still hope for a certain mad man.

Jon Hamm, best known as Don Draper on the Emmy-winning Mad Men, is one of the actors who's been rumored for the role of Stephen Strange in director Scott Derrickson's upcoming adaptation, although there's certainly been no confirmation or denials from the studio. However, Hamm tells Digital Spy the rumors are nothing more than that — rumors.

"The funny thing about the Internet is you can have rumors go on about possible jobs and possible things that you had no idea about," he said. "So maybe! I don't know. It's funny when the Internet knows more about you than you do. Maybe they've been talking to someone higher up. Maybe the Internet was talking to Marvel. I certainly wasn't approached for it."

That said, Hamm is far from opposed to tackling Stephen Strange for Marvel, saying: "I do like Doctor Strange. He's a very cool character."

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