Jon Hamm Debunks <i>Superman</i> Rumors

Earlier this week, the possibility was raised of Jon Hamm donning the iconic red and blue tights for the upcoming Superman reboot from producers Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer — but according to Hamm himself, he won't be flying as the Man of Steel anytime soon.

"Those are sort of the Internet things that one person says and 15 more people twitter it and then it becomes this sort of phenomenon," the Mad Men star said on Live With Regis and Kelly yesterday morning, though he added with a smile that he's certainly interested in hearing more.

"It's sort of news to me, but if the powers-that-be are thinking that, I'd like them to get in touch with me," he offered. "We can maybe discuss this!"

Based on Hamm's comments, it seems that there's little to no truth to the recent rumors — that, or he's simply playing coy while his people and the WB's people make some casting miracles happen behind the scenes. I suppose we'll find out definitively whenever Man of Steel is officially announced.

Source: E! Online

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