Jon Favreau to Shoot Jungle Book 2 and Lion King Back to Back

Disney had such faith in the live-action/CG remake of "The Jungle Book" that the studio put the sequel into motion before the first film even arrived in theaters. Director Jon Favreau will return for "The Jungle Book 2," while also stepping behind the camera for the remake of "The Lion King," and intends to shoot the two films back to back.

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"Right now the plan is that we go right from one into the other," the filmmaker told Collider, "but I know from having worked on two superhero movies back to back, these take many, many, many years. I was working on Marvel movies for like four years back-to-back. It’s a big chunk of your life and you have to make sure that you’re excited and can bring all of your attention and concentration to bear on this, because they are really big puzzles. Every film is a puzzle you have to solve — these highly technical ones are like 3D chess. There’s like a whole other level to it that has to be understood and learned."

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There is no announced release date for "The Lion King." "The Jungle Book," which earned $966.5 million worldwide, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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