Favreau To Direct Seth MacFarlane's Space Dramedy Pilot

Jon Favreau Iron Man

Seth MacFarlane has had a long and lucrative career with FOX, creating and overseeing animation hits like 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show," as well as the immensely popular -– and bawdy -- films "Ted" and "Ted 2." Now it looks like he’s finally trying his hand at live-action television with a little help from a Marvel Cinematic Universe alum.

THR reports that Favreau ("Iron Man," "Iron Man 2") will direct the pilot of MacFarlane’s still-untitled space dramedy, along with serving as an executive producer and consultant afterwards.

Set 300 years in the future, MacFarlane will star in the hour-long series as Ed, the captain of a less-than-professional crew on the starship Orville as they explore uncharted regions of outer space. Adrianne Palicki ("Friday Night Lights," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") will costar as his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson, after she is promoted to First Officer. Peter Macon and J Lee ("Family Guy") will also star. Jon Favreau most recently directed the blockbuster hit, "The Jungle Book," which ended up grossing over $955 million worldwide. He’s no stranger to the small screen, though, having directed the pilots for "About a Boy," "Revolution" as well as 2013 episode "The Office."

Production on the 13-episode run is expected to begin in January with an eye to launch during the 2017-2018 season release date.

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