Jon Favreau: "Superhero Movies are Going to be Around for a Long Time"

"Iron Man" and "The Jungle Book" director Jon Favreau was recently asked to share his thoughts on Marvel's superhero franchise at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Power Lawyers event in Beverly Hills. During the event he commented on the risky success of "Iron Man," the creativity in "Guardians of the Galaxy," and his opinions on the future of superhero films.

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During the event, as reported by THR, Favreau was asked about Marvel's first superhero film, "Iron Man." According to Favreau, if "Iron Man" had not have been the box office success that it was, Marvel would have had to sell the cinematic rights to that character. "There was a lot of pressure because if that first film had failed, the IP was collateral. If we didn't make money, they could have lost the rights to all their characters."

Losing the rights to all of the MCU characters was certainly a huge risk for Marvel to take at the time. "Iron Man's" $585 million global box office secured the future of the studio and the entire franchise of characters that Marvel is producing today.

Favreau was also asked about the future of superhero films -- a question many directors have been asked lately -- including Steven Spielberg, who said last year that "There will be a time when superhero films will go the way of the Western." Favreau had a very different response, referencing "Guardians of the Galaxy's" creativity and independent film-like style, "If you stamp that as a 'superhero' movie, then I think superhero movies are going to be around for a long time."

At this point Favreau is definitely on the right track, considering studios like Marvel, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox have superhero movies lined up for the next decade. The genre is also experiencing a shift in tone, considering the vast differences between "Deadpool," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," and even "Captain America: Civil War," which could ensure that the genre stays fresher longer than expected.

Favreau also has no plans of getting out of the superhero business anytime soon, especially since he recently signed onto to co-produce Marvel's next big "Avengers" films "Avengers Infinity War."

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