What Fans Should Expect From Jon Favreau's Star Wars Series

You may have already heard that Jon Favreau will be writing and producing a new Star Wars series for Disney's streaming service, which is expected to launch some time in 2019. There aren't a lot of details about the upcoming show, other than that it'll be a live-action series.

That being said, the news that Favreau will have quite a lot of creative control should excite Star Wars fans a lot. We can and should expect Favreau to bring the same kind of atmosphere we loved in the original Star Wars trilogy, or at least something similar. After all, many of Favreau's films possess the same kind of characters, humor and complexity that drew fans into the decades old space opera.

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The best examples of his creative style are the films Made and Chef, both of which were written by, produced by and starred Favreau. Made may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it highlights Favreau's talent for balancing dialogue with visual storytelling, a facet of his style he was clearly able to refine in Chef. The dialogue was was one of the best things about Star Wars: A New Hope. We enjoyed watching the back and forth between Han and Leia, almost as much as we loved the lightsaber duels, and Favreau is capable of emulating that aspect of the film.

That doesn't mean we should expect more dialogue than action. Favreau knows when to use action sequences, but he's also clearly aware of their limits. We know he does because he directed and produced the MCU's Iron Man films, which did a fantastic job at developing Tony Stark as a character from reckless weapons manufacturer to complex hero, all the while entertaining us with high tech fights and flights without allowing it to overpower Stark's growth.

Favreau's directorial mastery even allowed him to breathe life and depth into the main characters of Cowboys and Aliens, which was, for the most part, senseless, expensive fun. That's no easy feat. There are plenty of films that focus on the boisterous, thinly entertaining action sequences and end up boring their audiences.

It's clear that Star Wars fans won't have to worry about the upcoming series sacrificing character depth to make room for a bunch of unnecessary shootouts or lightsaber duels. It also means that fans have plenty of reasons to be absolutely confident in Favreau's ability to manage high budget productions and complex stories, something Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, also sees in Favreau.

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His experience in front of and behind the camera isn't the only reason was Favreau was given this exciting opportunity. He has been a Star Wars fan for a long time. In fact, it led to his role as Pre Vizsla in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars when he met Dave Filoni while working with Industrial Light & Magic on Iron Man. Pre Vizsla only appeared in a few episodes but that wasn't the end of Favreau's voice work on a Star Wars story. You'll be hearing his voice in Solo: A Star Wars Story in which he'll play a CGI alien by the name of Rio Durant.

Having been both a fan as well one of the on-screen talents, Jon Favreau will understand what fans and producers want from a Star Wars series, after all, he's invested in both sides. He'll also understand how best to show the Star Wars world and character development so none of it ends up feeling like some sort of Star Wars fan fiction.

Kathleen Kennedy realizes just how valuable someone like Favreau is to Star Wars. In her statement regarding Favreau's role in the upcoming series, she said, "Jon brings the perfect mix of producing and writing talent, combined with a fluency in the Star Wars universe," which is clearly more than just the typical promotional praise.

It'll be a while before we hear anything more substantial about this Star Wars series but as we said before, the fact that Jon Favreau is involved is reason enough to be incredibly excited about it. Expect a true Star Wars story, one that captures the tone and charm of the original trilogy while introducing us to new and fun characters and stories.

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