Iron Man 4 Isn't in Marvel's Plans, Says Jon Favreau

With fans still reeling from Tony Stark’s fate in Avengers: Endgame, many are hoping the Iron Avenger will be brought back to life in a fourth Iron Man movie. After all, with all the time traveling that took place in Endgame, it seems like it could be possible.

Meanwhile, others are hoping for a new Iron Man movie with Rhodey, Pepper Potts or even Riri Williams at the helm. However, during a Spider-Man: Far From Home set visit attended by Screen Rant and other outlets, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau confirmed an Iron Man 4 isn't in Marvel Studios' immediate future.

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"We haven't talked about 4," he explained. "I've talked to Kevin about it to see what they're up to, but we definitely love working together and we love these characters. So we talk about what it would be, and we always joke about the ‘Freak’ storyline, which is a Happy Hogan storyline when he turns into a Hulk-like character. We joke about that, though, no plans as of yet."

While this is probably disappointing for some fans, it’s not all that surprising. The last solo Iron Man movie came out in 2013, which means Marvel had plenty of time to move forward with a followup but chose to go in a different direction. Also, Tony’s character arc came to a fitting conclusion in Endgame, so there’s no real reason to continue forward with his character.

As far as a movie led by Pepper or Riri, we can keep our fingers crossed that it will happen at some point, but it’s apparently not a priority for Marvel at this stage.

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