Jon Bernthal Wants the Punisher to Make People Rethink "Role of Guns in Society"

Jon Bernthal, who portrays The Punisher in "Daredevil" Season 2, hopes his role as the trigger-happy Frank Castle opens people's eyes to the reality of guns in our society.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about playing the gun-totting anti-hero this season, Bernthal remarked, "I hope that this makes people think twice about the role of guns in society...Because my role [as the Punisher] shines a light on that."

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Bernthal went on to describe how much it means to him that the character is revered by many, including those serving in the military, as a cultural hero, saying, "The Punisher means so much to so many people and it lives in so many different people's heads so they care about it so much. That's huge to me and I understand it. I'm familiar with the comic book audience from my time on 'The Walking Dead,' they're very intelligent, loyal and passionate. This character also resonates deeply with law enforcement and military."

He added, "People go into battle for our country with the Punisher logo on their equipment, their body armor, their vehicles, and they die for their country with that logo on them. There's no words for how much that means to me. This is a real honor and responsibility to try and get this right. It's not even about whether people like it or not, it's about people believing it and believing in him."

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You can read the full interview with Bernthal over at THR.

"Daredevil" Season 2 is currently available on Netflix for instant streaming.

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