The Joker's Severed Head is the Star in Batman: Last Knight on Earth Art

Artist Greg Capullo has treated fans dealing with the polar vortex with a chilling sneak peek at his upcoming collaboration with Scott Snyder: Batman: The Last Knight on Earth.

The project, announced by Snyder at 2017's New York Comic Con, was originally to be drawn by Batman: The White Knight artist Sean Murphy, but in March of last year, the announcement was made that Capullo would join Snyder for the series, now to be released under DC's Black Label imprint.

Capullo's drawing, which the artist shared on Twitter, is an early pencil sketch of an unshaven, obviously cold Batman running with the Joker's head stored in a jar and lashed to the Dark Knight's back.

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In the story, Batman will wake up in a "strange future,  [where] villains are triumphant and society has liberated itself from the burden of ethical codes."

"Batman suddenly wakes up and he's ... young," Snyder revealed at DC's NYCC Batman panel, "but he wakes up in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, crawling out of the sand in this Gotham City that's been ruined. He's got the Joker's head chained to his belt, but it's alive and like 'You gotta move, kid!' It's got old Wonder Woman, Baby Superman -- it's like my Lone Wolf and Cub Batman story."

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Joker's relationship with Batman was a story Snyder and Capullo explored repeatedly during their fan-favorite run on Batman, with Death of the Family and Endgame  arcs exploring the pair's eternal confrontation and the effect it had on the world around them, especially for those living in Gotham City.

It will be interesting seeing Batman in this new context, which brings to mind the 1990s Elseworlds comics which reinterpreted DC characters in a similar fashion. Throughout the series, Batman's search for answers will reveal his role in this world in a story Snyder has said will be "closing a chapter in my version of Batman."

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