Joker Reveals All-New Face on Greg Capullo's "Batman" #37 Cover

SPOILER WARNING: This story discusses story beats from today's "Batman" #36.

HitFix has debuted two covers for the highly anticipated -- and shrouded in mystery -- "Batman" #37. Series artist Greg Capullo handles the regular cover while Andy Kubert has provided art for the variant. The issue from DC Comics will continue the "Endgame" storyarc, but not much else about the installment has been revealed. The original solicitation for the issue included a placeholder cover and copy that merely read: "The ultra top-secret Batman arc known only as 'Endgame,' continues -- it's a story arc so steeped in mystery, all we can tell you is the title!"

The Joker plays a big part in "Endgame" -- big enough to warrant taking over the entire cover and variant. In a previous interview with HitFix, Snyder revealed that "Endgame" will progress from the animosity stirred up in his previous Batman vs. Joker story, "Death of the Family."

"Basically Joker comes and says 'You know, for a long time Batman you and I have played this game together where we circle each other like cat and mouse," said Snyder. "But I'm tired of it and you've become boring to me. So now I'm just gonna end everything and destroy everyone.'"

In today's "Batman" #36, the second chapter of "Endgame," the Joker revealed his new face to the Dark Knight, along with the fact that he's been working alongside Batman for months as Eric Border, an orderly working at Arkham Asylum since the events of 2013's "Batman Annual" #2.

In addition to the Greg Capullo cover, which features the Clown Prince of Crime sporting his new face while holding his old one, each issue from "Batman" #35 to #40 will feature a variant cover by Andy Kubert that will showcase "Joker's Greatest Hits."

"Batman" #35 will be released on December 10.

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