It's Joker vs. Pennywise in Animated Batman/It Fan Film

A fan film has emerged online depicting Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker, meeting his bloody match in the form of Pennywise from Stephen King's It franchise. Courtesy of Mighty Raccoon's YouTube channel, fans were treated to a showdown between DC's Clown Prince of Crime and King's demonic Dancing Clown, which ended up way more gory than what the Batman or the kids from Derry could offer these fiends.

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This "Battle of the Clowns" piece is rendered using 3-D CGI models, with Joker looking similar to the version seen in Rocksteady Studios' Arkham video game series, and Pennywise designed close to what we saw recently in Andy Muschietti's It reboot. The short opens with Joker in Arkham Asylum going through his motions, which turns out to be Pennywise trying to induce nightmares via mental manipulation.

As a result, Joker faces Batman, before being plunged into despair with Dr. Harleen Quinzel in therapy. He's then placed in a shocking scenario against Jason Todd, the Robin he murdered, who then returns the favor of a crowbar beatdown. All of this builds to Pennywise attacking the Joker directly and very violently. In their explosive finale, Joker manages to overcome Pennywise's illusion of Harley Quinn to defeat the demon due to his psychopathic mindset already being near-unbreakable.

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