Rumor: Joker Origin Movie May Dramatically Change Backstory

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Warner Bros.' planned Joker origin movie from director Todd Phillips will reportedly alter the villain's origin story by making him a failed 1980's comedian.

The selection of Martin Scorsese to produce the film lines up with this new information, especially with his history of working on similar films, such as King of Comedy starring Robert De Niro. Sources tell TheWrap that the Joker movie will include nods to King of Comedy.

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When reached by CBR, Warner Bros. declined comment.

Little is known about the project beyond that it’s set in a gritty 1980s Gotham City and won’t fall under the so-called DC Extended Universe banner that’s home to films like Justice League and Wonder Woman. Phillips has made it known to the studio he prefers Joaquin Phoenix for the lead role, with the star agreeing to come on board the project.

The Joker movie is expected to be the first project under a new banner that will house a range of DC properties outside of the DC Extended Universe, with different actors playing iconic roles. To that end, the film won’t star Jared Leto, who debuted as The Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

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