Joker: 10 Iconic Comic Book Moments We Want To See Joaquin Phoenix Portray

Joker 2 might be happening after all. Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the iconic comic book character was well-received by fans and it has been speculated that he will reprise his role for a highly anticipated sequel to the Joker's origin story.

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The Joker is Batman's archnemesis and one of the most prevalent villains in DC. The character has had countless iconic moments throughout comic-book history, some of which may be the inspiration for a sequel to Todd Philips' film. Here are ten iconic Joker moments we can't wait to see Joaquin Phoenix portray.

10 The Murder of Jason Todd

The Joker has done some truly unforgivable things his most deplorable act has to be the murder of Jason Todd. Fans voted in favor of Todd's death and 1988's A Death In The Family, Joker beats the young Robin with a crowbar before leaving him in an exploding building to die.

Phoenix's Joker has been largely sympathetic so far, with Arthur Fleck's descent into madness seemingly a product of his society. This would be a chilling moment to signify that the character has passed the point of no return.

9 Paralyzing Barbara Gordon

Another well-known Joker moment from the comic books is his cruel treatment of Barbara Gordon in the 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke. Trying to prove to Commissioner Gordon that one bad day can make anyone crazy, Joker shoots Batgirl in the spine before tormenting her father to point of insanity.

It would be interesting to see Joaquin Phoenix's Joker confront this concept that one bad day is all that stands between sanity and madness considering his origin story in Todd Philips' film. His delivery of the infamous "memory's so treacherous..." monologue would be exceptional.

8 His Relationship With Harley Quinn

The romance between the Joker and Harley Quinn was first featured on Batman: The Animated Series after Quinn's character was created for the show by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Due to Harley's popularity, she was then written into the comic books, where her turbulent relationship with Mistah J has been further explored.

It is unclear how Phoenix's Joker could interact with Harley Quinn considering her live-action incarnation in the DCEU. However, with Jared Leto reportedly done as Joker, a crossover with the characters could happen.

7 Cutting Off His Face

The advantage of a rated R Joker movie is that directors can explore some of the darker aspects of his character without diluting him for a family audience. One of his most horrifying acts has to be cutting off his face, which he did purely to prove a point.

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Audiences have seen that Phoenix's Joker already has no self-preservation instinct, with Fleck preparing to commit suicide on Murray's show before changing his mind and shooting the host instead. Cutting off his face is Joker at his most destructive, with not even himself safe from his madness.

6 His Relationship With Batman

Harley Quinn may have been his lover but, for Joker, his only true relationship is with Batman. The two are opposing forces cannot exist without each other, constantly locked in a back-and-forth game that never ends.

Why Batman hasn't killed Joker has been the subject of several comic-book arcs, with Jason Todd furious at Bruce for refusing to take the final step even after Joker murdered him. Phoenix's Joker is a different story; with his sympathetic origin story, it becomes clear why Batman can't kill this Joker.

5 The Joker's Five-Way Revenge

This was one of the earliest moments in comic book history to portray Joker as the sadist audiences know him best as. After breaking out of a mental hospital that Batman incarcerated him in, Joker sets out to murder the former gang members who betrayed him.

Joker 2 could take inspiration from this 1973 comic by having Arthur Fleck break out of the asylum he was imprisoned in and continuing to target the people who made him what he is. This could be what triggers his initial meeting with Batman, whose parents were murdered in the riots Fleck inspired.

4 Recruiting New Henchmen

Arthur Fleck was an isolated outcast who lacked charisma, but as Joker he inspires a movement that devastates Gotham. If director Todd Philips wants to introduce some henchmen for Phoenix's character in Joker 2 then it would be interesting to see him adapt another comic book storyline from 2005's Joker: The Man Who Laughs.

In this comic, Joker recruits members for his gang by going to a psychiatric ward and handing out guns to the patients. This fits in well with the Joker that Phoenix has established as a twisted 'champion of the underdog.'

3 Making Batman Laugh

Another iconic moment from The Killing Joke comes right at the end of the graphic novel. After torturing Commissioner Gordon, Joker finally succeeds in telling a joke so funny it makes the Dark Knight himself laugh.

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This is a symbolic moment in Batman and Joker's relationship, signifying that the two characters share more similarities than they care to admit. It would be a poignant moment for Phoenix's Joker to portray as his character spent a large part of Joker trying to make people laugh as a comedian.

2 Provoking Superman

Joker has not only tormented Batman but also the other members of the Justice League. In Injustice, Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane which prompts the enraged alien to murder him before taking over the earth as a benevolent dictator.

Though the murder of Lois Lane would not translate well in today's climate, the back-and-forth exchanges between Phoenix's Joker and Superman would be exceptional, highlighting Joker's ability to get under people's skin.

1 Confronting Catwoman

Joker and Catwoman had their face-off in 2018's Batman #49 which saw the Clown Prince of Crime confront Selina Kyle before her wedding to Bruce Wayne. Joker laments how he cannot let Batman be happy with Catwoman as, if he was happy, he would no longer be Batman.

This is another fascinating examination of Batman and Joker's relationship and a significant storyline for Selina Kyle.

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