Joker: 10 DC Characters We Hope To See In A Sequel

The topic of a Joker sequel is already one that is being thrown around, and it's easy to see why. While the movie probably doesn't need a sequel (it should stand on its own), it does open up some interesting talk of how the film would be followed up.

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Nevertheless, today we'll be throwing around some ideas for a sequel. Namely, we'll be discussing 10 different characters from Gotham we'd like to see in a new installment into the series. Without any further ado, let's get right into the list. Here are 10 characters we want to see in a sequel to Joker.

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10 Batman

Of course, we'd be seeing the Joker's biggest adversary in any sort of follow-up film. Bruce was present throughout Joker, but wasn't a main part of the action. However, the two are literally brothers in this canon, so they'd likely have an even more intense relationship than they usually have.

The interesting thing is that Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is much older than Batman, so the dynamic between the two would be quite different. Perhaps the two's rivalry would begin at a much younger age than it usually does. Either way, it would be a different type of relationship, which would be nice to see.

9 Robin

Why not get Robin in on the action, too? As Batman's greatest ally, having him be able to help out in the fight against Joker would certainly be appreciated. We'd likely get the Dick Grayson version of the character.

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This would be great to see, and it would be nice retribution for whatever happened to the DCEU's Robin. Regardless, let's hope that we see Dick in a theoretical Joker 2.

8 Harley Quinn

It's a no brainer that Harley Quinn would be in on the action in Joker 2. She's one of the Joker's doctors in her origin story, so she'd likely be there from the beginning in a sequel.

With theaudience's newfound love for Harley, she'd be a much-requested character to bring into the fold, so having her in a sequel would simply make sense for the character and fans.

7 Poison Ivy

While we're at it, we can bring Poison Ivy into the mix. She's one of Gotham's most entertaining villains, and she's always a close ally of Harley's. A Joker 2 would be a great chance for Gotham's underground to slowly grow as we're introduced to the heavy hitters.

Poison Ivy is certainly one that could fit into that category. Joker could also meet her at Arkham if he's locked up at the start of the film. Any way that they'd choose to introduce to villain would be great to see, as Ivy's relationship with both Joker and Harley would add to the film.

6 Bane

Bane would be an interesting character to see added into a Joker 2, as the two villains don't necessarily have the greatest relationship. It could be interesting to see a scenario where Joker's status as number one of the underground is challenged by the likes of Bane.

Bane would be a great addition to the movie, but how they choose to implement him will be key to how he affects the film. If they choose to add him in, they likely have a good idea for how he would work as part of the story.

5 Catwoman

Of course, Catwoman is central to just about any story that occurs in Gotham. As an ally to Batman, it's only natural that she would pop up in a sequel in any scenario.

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Whether she's amongst the Gotham underground collecting some valuables for herself, or playing her anti-hero role that she often slots into, she'd be featured in the film in some sort of role, large or small. However her appearance would end up, she'd likely be an antagonist to Joker, as the two don't typically play nice.

4 Penguin

Sure, Catwoman and Joker don't get along, but the Penguin is a whole other story. The two have often been found to work together in the past, so seeing this play out in a second Joker film wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

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However, considering the fact that the original film didn't adhere to the usual canon, the two could have any sort of relationship that the filmmakers decide. Thus, having Penguin in the film could be very interesting for fans to watch.

3 Batgirl

Batgirl is another character that is central to the Batman mythos, so seeing her enter the fray in a Joker 2 would be fun to see. She likely wouldn't play any central role in the story, but still, seeing her team up with Batman and Dick would be fun to see.

Still, any sort of sequel would be focused mainly on Joker, not his adversaries. He's not going to lose against them in his own story, that's for sure. Her role in the movie would be minimal at best.

2 The Riddler

Of course, Batman is certainly one tough hero to take down. If you're going to do it, the more villains that you have on your side, the better. The Riddler is one ally that Joker could have on his side. The two have worked together in the past, and it's easy to see why.

The two are both incredibly smart, and their wits can get them far in the world of Gotham. The two are a formidable force when working together, so it would be no surprise if it happened in a sequel film.

1 Scarecrow

A final addition to the film could be Scarecrow. The two have only ever had a relatively positive relationship in the comics. As such, the same could be said for a Joker 2.

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 The two have abilities that complement each other well. With Fear Toxin at the ready to infect the citizens of Gotham, Scarecrow could certainly be useful to aid in the Joker's quests. If this is to happen is yet to be seen. We'll find out if we ever do get a sequel to the film.

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