The 10 Best Joker Collectibles, Ranked

The Joker remains the biggest threat to the Dark Knight and one of the most recognizable characters in DC Comics. The Clown Prince of Crime is a moral and psychological antithesis to Batman, seeking to spread chaos among the world and nothing more. There are many reasons to fear the Joker, and among them is that he has no rules.

With the Joker being such a big comic book villain, there are many people who like this character, thanks to his many great film incarnations and fantastic comic stories. For those people, here are the 10 best Joker collectibles you can buy, ranked.


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When it comes to stories involving the Joker, there are few more iconic than "The Killing Joke". This story details a potential origin of the Joker and how he became so demented. It includes a famous panel which he begins to go insane, running his hands through his hair with laughter in the background.

While this small statue isn't very big, it does capture the spirit of that panel. Not only is their laughter around the figure, but there are even wind-up teeth at his feet. Designed by Quantum Mechanix, this is a cheap yet effective statue that any Joker fan should have.


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Any self-respecting Joker fan will be familiar with "Death of the Family". After the Joker essentially cut off his own face and disappeared for a while, he was back, but things were different now. Joker had seemingly lost all the humor and was only out for psychopathic revenge on the Dark Knight.

The visual clue that DC used to communicate this was that Joker had poorly tied his face back on. This Funko Pop! figure recreates that version of the Joker in all his twisted and disgusting glory. He's even wearing the phony handyman suit, but it's the smile that really sells the whole thing.


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What if Batman became the Joker? In an alternate reality, Joker was destroyed, but he did his damage to the Dark Knight. Slowly but surely, Batman lost his mind, turning into the very thing he hated. He destroyed the entire Bat-Family and began his conquest of his own world.

Imagine a Joker but with the training of Batman, and you get the Batman Who Laughs. The Funko Pop! of this character has all the details just right. It has the dark straightjacket with the spiky visor. The figure draws attention right to the smile, which directly communicates the madness within.


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Most DC fans (let alone Joker fans) will tell you that the best portrayal of the character came from Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. With Ledger completely disappearing into the role, it was a cinematic antagonist unlike any other. Featuring a more visually realistic interpretation of the character, the design also became one of the most iconic parts of the character.

With Ledger's Joker being such a hit, a worthy addition to any Joker fan's collection would be this statue of the character. Using 3D-printed sculpts for more accuracy as well as plenty of accessories, this figure is about as accurate as it gets.


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While there have been many different versions of the Joker with different goals in mind, most people recognize the wacky, larger-than-life yet completely sadistic version found in the comics. This is the Joker that started it all and remains the inspiration for all other versions. For fans of the Joker, this statue from DC Collectibles is a great addition to any collection.

It features a more dynamic pose of the Clown Prince of Crime, complete with him in a laughing expression and his ostentatious suit. The statue is set on a purple brick stand and even has the flower over his lapel.


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Bandai Tamashii is known for their countless figures that adapt famous characters and new and interesting ways. For this Joker statue, their primary source of inspiration was Injustice: Gods Among Us. Joker was a playable character in that game, using a variety of different tools and tricks to destroy his opponents. While this figure does take some creative liberties, it still has a striking resemblance to the fighter from the game.

It comes with plenty of adjustable pieces as well as his crowbar, gun, knife, and wind-up teeth that he uses to fight in the game. Too bad that stuff didn't save him from Superman.


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By this time, you already know about the Batman Who Laughs. A reference to early appearances of the Joker where he was referred to as "The Man Who Laughs", this is arguably the greatest villain Batman has ever faced. He might be a new villain, but he's left an impact unlike any other the Dark Knight has faced.

If you want to show your appreciation for the character in a more accurate way, Diamond Select Toys has a gorgeous statue. This statue is nearly perfect, recreating all the details from the character in the comics. He is in an active pose and is holding his signature calling card for good measure.


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Statues can be a way for new artists to give their own interpretations of famous characters. For example, Square Enix has its own Play Arts Kai line where they take plenty of popular characters and give them an over-the-top change. Gerard Wally has given his own take on the Joker for this Black and White statue.

This version of the Joker is entirely original, and is a much more subdued take on the character. Featuring a menacing expression with a gun held out, this is a Joker who is more business and less talk. With only 5000 copies of this statue available, it's best to order it sooner rather than later.


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Any Joker fan will know Batman: The Animated Series. That's not necessarily because of how good the show is, but because of the iconic voice role done by Mark Hamill, the guy who played a little character called Luke Skywalker. Hamill's performance as the Joker in the show became one of the best parts of it, to the point where he has been constantly reused in other animated and video game roles for the character.

This statue captures the spirit and attitude of Hamill's Joker from the series. He has his dapper hat and his tommy gun on the side. He's well-kept, but could also snap at any moment.


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This is another figure that was designed by an artist with a vision. However, the philosophy with this statue was to recreate something famous in Joker's history rather than create an all-new design. This statue is based on the cover for The Killing Joke, where Joker is holding a camera in reference to his worst act in the entire story. T

his statue recreates that cover perfectly, and has all the right details with the character's costume. The statue even nails the smile and squinted eyes that one would expect to see with the Joker holding a camera. As the final piece, it also has the hat from the graphic novel.

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