Joker Points Out a Flaw in Batman's Logic for British Labour Party Ad

Bruce Wayne is unquestionably rich thanks to Wayne Enterprises. While the comics have established that Bruce and Wayne Enterprises do engage in projects for the needy, there is still more that can be done that both Wayne and his company seem unwilling to do, which is an attitude that seems to encapsulate the majority of elites in the real world, whose companies pay little to no taxes.

That's an issue tackled in a recent ad for the UK Labour Party, which depicts the dark knight going up against the Clown Prince of Crime, as depicted in the recent film Joker. In the ad, Joker points out the flaws in Batman's logic, highlighted by the fact that the superhero has spent millions on bat-weapons and the bat-plane when he could have easily used that money to "help the poor," though Batman retorts that those are socialist ideals.

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The ad was created by Momentum, a grassroots movement supportive of the Labour Party and its current leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour Party leader, who identifies as a democratic socialist, has been a vocal proponent of universal healthcare, free education and more, which often puts him and Labour in conflict with the currently governing, center-right Conservative Party, whose policies toward wealth and tax is seemingly parodied through Batman.

It is likely that the ad is meant to appeal to young voters -- who were largely supportive of the occasionally controversial Labour leader in the past -- in preparation for the upcoming general election on December 12. The election will not only determine the construction of the new government, but ultimately the future of the UK and its relationship with the European Union.

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