Joker and Harley [SPOILER] in Batman: White Knight

After 25 years of dysfunctional, and flat out abusive love, the Joker and Harley Quinn are finally tying the knot in Batman: White Knight.

Sean Murphy, the writer and artist of the runaway hit miniseries released a massive spoiler on his Twitter account. Murphy explained that the two would be married in an upcoming issue of the series, and posted a scene that included Commissioner Gordon and Batman attending a ceremony that seemingly takes place at Arkham Asylum.

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In Murphy's book, the Joker has reverted back to his sane, civilian identity Jack Napier with the help of pills. As he sets off to finally stop Batman once and for all—this time through legal means—he comes to terms with how terribly he treated Harley when he was out of his mind.

In issue #2, Jack proposes to Harley, and she accepts. The two then reform their relationship, with Jack running for public office and Harley supporting his run to finally rid Gotham City of Batman.

Now it looks like the series will follow through on this proposal with an actual ceremony performed by Murphy himself. There is no indication when this event will take place, but only three issues remain in the eight-issue miniseries.

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