Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 5 Things That Make No Sense About King Crimson (& 5 About Gold Experience Requiem)

"It Just Works" is a long-standing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meme that describes the strange powers of Diavlo's Stand King Crimson. The phrase gained traction after numerous JJBA fans valiantly tried to explain KC's freaky abilities, ultimately to fail despite their best efforts. We're all probably better off just going with the flow and accepting that Hirohiko Araki just wanted to throw us all for curveball with this Part 5 Stand.

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But there's a part of us that wouldn't rest at night without at least trying to demystify Diavolo's monstrous guardian. Conversely, we can't wrap or heads around how Gold Experience Requiem (the Stand that beat King Crimson) works, either. We might as well try to kill two birds with one high-speed stone and hash out how KC and GER's powers work. Full disclosure: we might end up adding to the confusion regarding these two OP Stands, but at least we tried!

10 How Does One "Erase Time?" (KC)

So King Crimson's whole schtick involves "erasing" up to 10 seconds from the consciousness of its victim's memory. Diavolo and KC are fully aware of the time skip and are the only ones who can do anything. The victim, on the other hand, experiences an abrupt skip forwards through time - only vaguely remembering their initial action before KC activates its power.

In our opinion, the effect isn't that hard to understand - rather, it's the cause that boggles our minds. How the Hell do you "erase time?" The space-time continuum is a fundamental force of nature - you shouldn't be able to erase parts of it like cheesy lines in a poorly written script. And we just made ourselves sad now.

9 Erasing Time Vs. Freezing Time (KC)

King Crimson isn't the first Stand with time manipulation powers. While Diavolo was still learning how to spell his name, Jotaro and DIO were stopping time with their Stands. As we say in Stardust Crusaders, the only the way to stand a chance against a time-stopping Stand is to pull that same power out of your butt at the eleventh hour!

We're curious about which power wins - the ability to stop time or the ability to skip forward 10 seconds? Do these abilities negate each other or would Diavolo be able to move during the time freeze, albeit at a much slower rate? King Crimson never had the chance to face off against Star Platinum or ZA WARUDO, so we may never find the answer to this question. Unless, you know, Ariki just tells us one day.

8 Why Can't Diavolo While Attack In Stasis? (KC)

Granted, we imagine Diavolo wouldn't want to face Jotaro or DIO even if he could move during their time stops. For whatever reason, Diavolo's unable to attack when King Crimson activates his power. Since KC's only skipping ahead by ten seconds, it's not like Diavolo can set up a bear trap for his enemies to step into.

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All King Crimson's time-skipping powers let Diavolo do is get the jump on unsuspecting foes. Since KC is on roids, he can punch wholes through human beings that aren't braced to take a hit. At best, Diavolo can fling his blood at people during the time skip to blind them. Any time your powers involve self-harm, you may need to look for better combat options.

7 Precognition (KC/E)

Diavolo won the Stand lottery, as he's gifted with two guardian spirits whose powers complement one another. King Crimson somehow "erases" time and Epitaph (that cute little face that's spazzing out on KC's forehead) predicts the future. To be more specific, Epitaph sees fixed outcomes that will occur no matter what its user does to try and prevent them.

Seeing into the future sounds like some high-level Quantum Physics talk to us. It's no wonder that Diavolo needs King Crimson to make effective use of this power. Usually, characters with precognition see possible outcomes of the future. But Epitaph's predictions are impossibly precise and unavoidable. Are we still talking about a Stand or a god?

6 Can Epitaph Predict GER's Time Reversals? (KC/E)

This is probably another 'chicken or the egg' scenario, much like the time erasure vs. time-stopping discussion. Epitaph shows Diavolo visions of the future, more specifically the end results of future actions. On the other hand, Gold Experience Requiem (GER) possesses a host of unique abilities - chief among them is its "return to zero" technique.

We'd like to know if Epitaph can still function despite GER's overpowered abilities? Moreover, would Epitaph retain its memories if it peered into a future in which GER resets everything? If Epitaph does retain its memories, shouldn't it have been capable of warning Diavolo and King Crimson about GER before Giorno could use the arrow? Yeah, get ready to see a lot more question marks going forward.

5 Life Giver (GER)

Gold Experience Requiem's Life-Giver move is a holdover from its base form. For most of Part 5, Giorno and Gold Experience used this technique as their bread and butter. Once GE became GER, its Life-Giver move naturally received a hefty upgrade. But we're not sure as to what extent, since we spend only a brief amount of time with GER.

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We'd like to know if Gold Experience Requiem's powers now allow Giorno to resurrect the dead? When (spoiler warning) Giorno tried to bring back Bruno, his attempts worked about as well as the Elric brothers'. Since GER allegedly holds sway over fate, we're curious if it could successfully pull that feat off now.

4 Time Loops (GER)

Delving deeper into the rabbit hole, we find that Gold Experience Requiem can create alternate realities on a whim! At least, that's what this suped-up Stand seems to have done by the end of Part 5. After successfully vanquishing Diavolo, GER then traps the mob boss in an infinite time loop in which he's forced to relive his death Ad Infinium.

We're more confused about the specifics of this power as opposed to the concept of trapping someone in a death loop Happy Death Day style. Does GER transport its victims into an alternate reality in which they alone suffer or does it send them to a Purgatorial plane that would fill up with other enemies that GEr disposes of?

3 Levitation (GER)

In anime, significant power-ups are usually accompanied by wardrobe swaps and hairstyle changes. Look no further than the Super Saiyans from the Dragon Ball franchise for examples of this trope in action. Ever the subversive artist, Ariki decided to go against the grain when Giorno and Gold Experience evolved! Rather than change too drastically, Giorno's hair gets a bit longer and he gains the ability to levitate for some reason.

The jury's out as to why Giorno starts floating when he attains Gold Experience Requiem. Our second best guess is that GER possesses latent telekinetic powers. Either that or Giorno actually does become a Super Saiyan!

2 Going Back To "Zero" (GER)

Star Platinum, ZA WARUDO, and King Crimson all bend the rules of the time-space continuum, but GER breaks them entirely! With its "return to zero" technique, Gold Experience Requiem not only reverses time and matter but the intentions of its victims to an earlier state. When Diavolo fought Giorno, he was powerless against GER because of this insane ability!

Like, just say it out loud - "I can reverse time, matter, and a person's willpower to zero." We can't even begin to wrap our heads around how that ability works. But that's kind of why we love it, to be honest; Ariki wasn't' content having Giorno beat Diavolo by firing a bigger blast - he created something memorable, special, and bizarre.

1 Sentience? (GER)

Via: Zerochan.net (KotNarKot)

Perhaps more boggling than GER's powerset is the presence of a personality. Most Stands echo their users and act according to their masters' wills. Sure, we've seen Stands act independently to save their users from harm, but GER takes this concept to a whole new level! By the end of Part 5, GER Diavolo a full-blown speech and uses its powers without Giorno's knowledge. Not even King Crimson possessed this sort of autonomy!

We're curious if GER is truly sentient, or if he's just playing out Giorno's subconscious desires? Furthermore, will Gold Experience Requiem live on even after Giorno dies? It's essentially a demi-god now, so we have a hard time picturing this Stand succumbing to old age. We also hope GER's intentions remain pure, and that it never becomes evil. 

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