JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Things Araki Forgot About His Characters

Hirohiko Araki’s long-running manga, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is beloved among fans, renowned for its standout characters, creative fight scenes, and unique abilities. It’s also renowned for Araki’s forgetfulness. It’s not uncommon for Araki to forget some of the details of his story, whether it be character arcs or abilities. To be fair, Araki has been writing JoJo for over 30 years now, so the occasional memory slip is to be expected, but these forgotten details often lead to some hard to explain plot holes.

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Many fans have taken to just saying “Araki forgot” when trying to explain away a missing character or a stand having different powers than when it was first introduced. Here are 10 things Araki forgot about his characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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10 Earth, Wind, & Fire…Twice

One of the strangest characters in an already strange series was Part 4’s Mikitaka Hazekura. Mikitaka, who has pointed ears and claims to be an alien, has a stand called Earth, Wind, and Fire that allows him to shape-shift into any object. 7 years later, Stone Ocean featured a minor antagonist named Viviano Westwood, who had a stand that was also called Earth, Wind, and Fire, which could draw distant meteorites toward its user.

It’s understandable why Araki would forget that he already used Earth, Wind, and Fire as a stand name since Mikitaka’s stand is named only once during his introduction, then never again for the rest of Part 4. To fix this little slip-up, Westwood’s stand was renamed to Planet Waves in the Tankōbon release.

9 Diver Down’s Ability

Part 6’s Narciso Anasui already had an interesting backstory. Anasui’s first appearance originally depicted him as a woman, but in every other following appearance, Anasui was a man. This led many fans to believe it was another “Araki forgot” moment. While the reason for Anasui’s gender swap is unconfirmed, it seems more like a conscious decision by the mangaka.

That said, Araki forgot about the nature of Anasui's ability. The character's stand, Diver Down, was first shown to be storing its strikes in objects. When Diver Down hit something with a punch or kick, the force of that impact would be stored inside the object, then whenever Anasui wanted to, the stored energy would be released in the form of Diver Down’s punch or kick from inside the object.

That ability was used a few times before it was inexplicitly changed to being able to phase through solid objects and freely change its insides. Restructuring objects is an awesome power, but Diver Down’s storage ability is never seen again. Admittedly, they are somewhat related.

8 Silver Chariot’s Armor

Silver Chariot, the stand belonging to fan-favorite Polnareff, is a robotic-looking stand armed with a rapier and clad in protective medieval armor. While the armor protected the stand from most attacks, it can also shed that protection to gain a tremendous amount of speed, at the risk of being more vulnerable.

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Polnareff used this ability in his first fighting against Avdol. Once Silver Chariot shed its armor, it was able to move so fast it created a series of afterimages to confuse Avdol. This is the only time Polnareff uses this ability, even though it would have probably been useful in his fight against Vanilla Ice.

7 Mirror World

In Stardust Crusaders, when Polnareff and Kakyoin are being pursued by J. Geil’s stand, Hanged Man, the former expresses his annoyance that Hanged Man keeps attacking from reflections even though they tried breaking a mirror into pieces. Polnareff doesn’t know how they’re expected to attack Hanged Man if they can’t go inside the “mirror world,” to which Kakyoin informs Polnareff that there is no such thing as a mirror world…until Part 5 comes around.

Golden Wind features a minor antagonist named Illuso who has a stand called Man in the Mirror, which allows him to access a mirror world. Illuso is also able to drag anything into the mirror world by using any reflective surface, no matter how small. The mirror world is just like the real world except reflected, e.g., letters in the mirror world are reversed. To be fair, this could be chalked down to Kakyoin simply not being knowledgable about the existence of this strange world.

6 Jotaro & the Stand Arrows

In Golden Wind, Polnareff tells the backstory of Part 5’s main antagonist, Diavolo, and mentions how he came to meet the villain. He was in Italy and saw the rise of criminality, so he infiltrated the mafia organization and met Diavolo. Polnareff underestimated Diavolo’s power and was nearly killed.

The only reason Polnareff was in Italy in the first place was to search for stand arrows. He had partnered with Jotaro to search for and gather the remaining stand arrows during the '90s. However, Jotaro learns about the stand arrows for the first time in Part 4, which takes place in 1999.

5 Hierophant Green’s Possession Ability

Kakyoin’s introduction revealed his stand's ability to possess someone. While Jotaro was at the nurse’s office in school, Kakyoin was able to send Hierophant Green into the nurse’s body and control her like a puppet. Luckily, Jotaro manages to extract Hierophant Green from the nurse’s body and save her life.

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When Kakyoin is freed from DIO’s control and joins the Stardust Crusaders, he doesn’t use his stand’s possession for the rest of Part 3, even though there were numerous occasions that it would have been helpful.

4 DIO’s Eye Lasers

In the first part of the series, Dio Brando puts on the stone mask and becomes a vampire, bringing with it a bunch of new abilities. One of those skills is shooting lasers-like beams from his eyes. He even uses these beams to strike a fatal blow against Jonathan Joestar.

When DIO makes his fabulous return in Part 3, he seems to have forgotten about his eye lasers. Many fans theorized that DIO couldn’t use his vampiric powers because he did not have full control over his new body (Jonathan’s body), but even after draining Joseph of his blood and gaining full control of his body, Dio doesn’t use his eye lasers.

3 Soft & Wet’s Plundering

Part 8’s Josuke Higashikata, aka Gappy, is a fusion between Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira, with his stand combining both his identities’ stands. Soft & Wet can create bubbles that can do different things, including plunder something from an object. Soft & Wet has stolen things like eyesight, sound, and friction.

In recent chapters, Josuke no longer uses his plundering ability. Josuke now mostly uses Soft & Wet to envelope allies in protective bubbles or to have them explode in tiny bursts.

2 Gold Experience’s Early Abilities

Part 5's Giorno Giovanna’s stand, Gold Experience, was first shown to have the ability to reflect the damage done to the life forms that Gold Experience created, like when Leaky-Eye Luca smashed a created frog with a shovel only to have his own head smashed in.

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Early on, Gold Experience also could cause the thought processes of living things to greatly increase, accelerating their consciousness to the point that they perceive everything as moving slowly, though their bodies can’t catch up. As Part 5 went on, neither ability was used again.

1 Josuke’s Savior

Arguably the most talked-about “Araki forgot” moment. In a flashback showing why Part 4’s Josuke styles his hair in a pompadour, it’s shown that when Josuke was 4, he was saved by a young man with an identical pompadour. Josuke had come down with a strong fever, and when his mother tried to drive him to the hospital, their car got stuck in a blizzard. They were saved when a young man in a school uniform pushed their car over the snow and freed them. The student bore a striking resemblance to Josuke during Part 4, but he was never seen again.

There are a lot of theories as to the student’s identity, but the most common one is that it was indeed Josuke, somehow having traveled back in time. Araki had likely planned to tie the moment into Killer Queen’s abilities but simply forgot about the scene completely. “Araki forgot” has become something of a meme in the fandom, but fans agree that Araki forgets certain things because his series is so vast and he’s constantly reinventing himself.

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