JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 5 Most Sympathetic Characters (& 5 Total Monsters)

What makes for good character design? When you deal with a sprawling anime/manga franchise like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there's a whole legion of characters to story, and they cover a wide spectrum. You get valiant heroes, despicable villains, rogues, charming oddballs, tough guys, and more.

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A character may be sympathetic to the viewer if their motives are honest and selfless, and these characters might have a tragic backstory or might face some steep odds in their quest for justice. Meanwhile, the least sympathetic ones are the most cruel, selfish, and brutal characters who totally alienate any viewer. Which characters in JoJo can the viewers relate to or feel bad for? And which deserve zero pity or remorse?

10 Sympathetic: Shigechi Yangu

True, Shigechi does have his petty and bratty side, and he, Josuke, and Okuyasu came to blows over his to divide the spoils of their stand-augmented coupon hunt. But, really, he's just a 13-year-old boy with no friends until he met Josuke and Okuyasu, and he's thrilled to be part of a squad at last.

He's also a polite boy in the company of adults, and he speaks highly of his parents and will rush to their defense at once. It's heart-breaking when Yoshikage Kira murders him in cold blood (more on Kira later).

9 Monster: Diavolo

His name is Italian for "devil," and we're not talking about a charming devil type, either. Diavolo operates from the shadows, and we nary see a glimpse of him until the bloody final battle of Golden Wind.

But it's clear that sheer venom runs through his veins, as he wants his own daughter Trish dead, and he nearly killed Bruno Bucciaratti with a single blow from behind. He's power-hungry and megalomaniacal, and he got what he had coming when Gold Experience Requiem showed up.

8 Sympathetic: George Joestar

While Diavolo is a monster of a parent, George Joestar goes the totally opposite way. He is one of the first characters we meet in the series, and the patriarch of the esteemed Joestar family is bedridden. But that doesn't dampen his spirits, and he deeply loves his son Jonathan and later, his foster son, Dio Brando.

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But George falls victim to the Brando family's spiteful hate toward the Joestars, and George perishes in his son's arms when Dio becomes a vampire. Just look at those eyes! A pure soul was snuffed out that day.

7 Monster: Yoshikage Kira

He's a serial killer, and worse, yet, he wields Killer Queen, one of the most savage stands out there. Kira is a serial killer to the T, being outwardly charming and ordinary, while he's a demon on the inside. His idea of a good time? Find a lady with attractive hands, kill her, and "date" her severed hand until he gets tired of it! Kira's career is one horror after another, and he's willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Later, he changes his face via the stand Cinderella and integrates into an ordinary family. From there, he torments his "son" and nearly claims victory over Josuke and his group. Morioh has its dark side, and its name is Yoshikage Kira.

6 Sympathetic: Jonathan Joestar

After all is said and done, Jonathan Joestar (the first JoJo) is a pretty stock Shonen male lead, but no less sympathetic for it. He suffers at the hands of his foster brother Dio, and he lost his dog and his father to the villain. But he has a fighting spirit, and he learned Hamon (Ripple) from Baron Zeppeli to use against the vampire overlord.

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Later, Jonathan gives his very life to put an end to Dio's rampage once again, and he goes down with the ship (quite literally), leaving behind a widow. He was a gentleman to the last, and even after all this, he did not hate Dio. The world isn't good enough for noble spirits like his!

5 Monster: Dio Brando

He's been mentioned a few times now, and he arrives on this list as a total monster. At first, it's tempting to say that Dio really was sympathetic, since he resented his cruel drunkard of a father and didn't have such a great childhood.

But any sympathetic streak for him ends when he poisons Jonathan's dog, kills his father, and becomes a vampire and burns down the Joestar mansion! Later, in Stardust Crusaders, the vampire now known simply as DIO has his head atop Jonathan's body, and wants nothing less than world domination. He recruits some of the most despicable stand users out there, and it's up to Jotaro and the rest to put them down.

4 Sympathetic: Trish Una

Trish starts out the opposite of Dio. She appears as a bratty teenager who makes lofty demands of Bucciarati's group, and she feels like nothing but a handful to deal with. But soon enough, poor Trish becomes a tougher and gentler soul as she experiences the fierce stand battles around her.

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She never asked for any of this, and she even faced Notorious BIG (a deadly stand) all on her own. She rejects her father's bloodthirsty ways, and bravely stepped up to help put an end to her father's rampage. Not bad for someone who learned to fight on the fly!

3 Monster: Cioccolata

No matter how you slice it, some villains are wicked and revolting creatures through and through. The doctor-turned-stand-user Cioccolata is like that, and he's a real menace to Giorno's group later in Golden Wind.

Before that, Cioccolata delighted in murdering hospital patients, and he worked at a retirement home just to psychologically abuse the elderly patients and drive them insane (some even died from it). There's just no forgiving that, and it's a relief when Giorno puts an end to his killing spree for good.

2 Sympathetic: Bruno Bucciaratti

The mobster Bruno Bucciarati is a tragic figure, and if it weren't for Giorno, he easily could have been the hero of Golden Wind. Like Giorno, he joined the Passione crime family to destroy it from within, and Bruno's family suffered at the hands of organized crime.

Bruno's father was nearly killed when he witnessed a drug deal, and the man later died from complications. Bruno killed the mobsters responsible, and launched his crusade to stamp out organized crime. Fortunately for him, Giorno soon arrived and had a similar goal. Let's not forget how Bruno is a compassionate man who found other lost souls and gave them a family, such as Abbaccio and Narancia.

1 Monster: J. Geil

This list concludes with the most stomach-turning villain to appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. J. Geil is one of DIO's assassins, and he worked as Hol Horse's partner in India when they confronted Jotaro's group there. He's a monster inside and out, and he was in fact responsible for the murder of Polnareff's beloved sister, prompting Polnareff's quest for vengeance. And it wasn't just her; J. Geil claimed many other victims, often committing acts too vile to even speak of aloud!

But he's also a deadly stand user, wielding the Hanged Man to assassinate his targets at light speed if there are reflective surfaces nearby. Truly, the only person who could possibly show him compassion is his equally bloodthirsty mother, Enyaba.

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