Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Top 10 Stands In Golden Wind Ranked According To Strength

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind finished airing a few months back. It is the fifth part of the JoJo series. JJBA had the fans waiting for quite some time before it started to air. This has been the norm for the franchise as it usually takes several years before the anime is released. Just to be clear, there is no shortage of content as the manga is currently on its part 8.

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The anime was loved by the fans as there were a lot of unique characters in the show. The protagonist of JJBA: Golden Wind is Giorno Giovanna. Like the two parts before it, Part 5 boasts of a vast array of stands. The powers of these stands were obviously different from one another. In this post, we will discuss the strongest stands from Golden Wind.

10 Purple Haze

Purple Haze is the stand of Pannacotta Fugo. Fugo was a part of Team Bucciarati and he was involved in the mission to save Trish. However, after Bucciarati and co. openly declared a rebellion against the Boss, Fugo decided that it was time to his own separate way.

Fugo's Purple Haze is a very powerful stand and it possesses a deadly virus. This lethal flesh-eating virus is capable of ending a human's life within 30 seconds. However, this stand can rarely be used by Fugo as it is very harmful to even his allies.

9 Sticky Fingers

Bruno Bucciarati was the first person who stood by Giorno and his dream. His stand is Sticky Fingers. It is a powerful close-ranged stand. Sticky Fingers has the ability to create zippers from any surface that it touches.

Bucciarati is capable of splitting away the body parts of his opponents. He can also increase his own range with his ability. With the help of Sticky Fingers, Bruno can also hide inside the zipper and launch attacks at unsuspecting enemies.

8 White Album

White Album is the stand of Ghiaccio, who is a member of the Hitman Team. It is an unusual stand as it doesn't appear separately from its user instead it covers the body of the user. White Album increases the power and speed of Ghiaccio.

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It also gives him the ability to free anything that it touches. Ghiaccio's ability makes him a fierce enemy. The stand's biggest weakness in behind the neck. White Album has a special ability known as Gently Weeps that allows Ghiaccio to freeze everything to the point of Absolute Zero.

7 Beach Boy

This ability belongs to Pesci, who was also a member of the Hitman Team. Beach Boy's unusual appearance is very deceiving. Many people completely upend Beach Boy's case of being one of the strongest stands in the series. When used properly, Beach Boy is an extremely lethal stand.

The hook can go through walls and once it enters the body of an individual then it is almost impossible to save them. The string of the rod cannot be damaged either. So, attacking the string would end up damaging the person caught on the hook.

6 Green Day

Cioccolata was one of Diavolo's personal guards. He was a very repulsive individual as he liked torturing people. His stand is Green Day that allows Cioccolata to attack on a very large scale. Green Day's ability is to create deadly molds, which attacks anyone who goes down from a higher altitude to a lower altitude.

When this ability is combined with the ability of Secco's Oasis, it is almost impossible to beat them. Cioccolata is a medical genius and he is able to use Green Day in order to separate parts of his body.

5 Notorious B.I.G

Notorious B.I.G is the stand of Carne. It is one of the few stands that doesn't require the user to function. After Carne was killed by Mista without any trouble, the stand immediately became active and stuck itself to Giorno's arm. The stand will take in everything that is in its way.

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The stand does have a problem as it is an automatic stand, so it lacks accuracy. Notorious B.I.G attacks the objects that move the fastest. If someone is aware of this phenomenon, then it is possible to avoid it. So, this is not an invincible stand.

4 Metallica

The stand belongs to Risotto Nero, who was the leader of the Hitman Team. Metallica is not a huge stand, but it is a small colony like stand. It provides Risotto with the power of magnetism.

With its power, Risotto can use up the iron present in the body of the victims. While fighting Doppio, Risotto was able to make blades, scissors, etcetera to come out Doppio's body. Metallica also enables Risotto to turn himself invisible by making sticking the fine iron particles to his body.

3 Chariot Requiem

Chariot Requiem is the stand of Polnareff, who died during the final battle versus Diavolo. It is an automatic stand that follows the final wish of its user. It has high regenerative powers that allow it to tank a lot of damage with ease. The stand is also able to manipulate the souls of any living organism.

Chariot Requiem causes the stands in and around the area to increase in power significantly. The stand can control all the other stands personally. Even though it seems that Chariot Requiem us unbeatable, it actually has a big weakness. If someone is able to destroy the source of light behind their head, they can easily defeat Chariot Requiem.

2 King Crimson

King Crimson is the stand of Diavolo, who is the former boss of Passione. It is one of the most powerful stands in the entire JJBA franchise. King Crimson allows Diavolo to skip time by ten seconds.

While the time skip is on, Diavolo is unable to attack, however, he can position himself accordingly in other to attack his opponent. King Crimson's other ability of Epitaph that allows Diavolo to see events that take place in the future. This allows Diavolo to plan his next move accordingly.

1 Gold Experience Requiem

At the top of the list is what is arguably the strongest stand in the franchise. Gold Experience Requiem is the stand of Giorno Giovanna. The stand is stupidly overpowered. The stand turns any attack or any action by the enemy into zero.

It reverts everything to zero, so any attack coming towards Giorno's way would just be stopped. Gold Experience Experience also retains the power to give life to non-living things like its previous form. However, the power is said to be much more potent than what Gold Experience had.

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