JoJo: 10 Things About The Ripple That Make No Sense

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is an everchanging sort of Shonen manga. Each part, the protagonist changes. And, each part the power system at play is slightly different. Parts 1 and 2 were all about vampires, Hamon breathing, and Ripple Energy. But, from Part 3 onwards, Stands become the mainstay power system, and the Ripple fell to the wayside. There's not much in-canon explanation for it, Araki just wanted to switch to something that allowed him to create weird characters and powers more freely. And believe us, Stands start to get real confusing the further the series goes. But, it still feels odd losing out on the entire basis of the first two parts, especially when Joseph makes no mention of trying to pass it down after spending his adult life mastering it. But that's not the only thing about the Ripple that makes no sense. We're here to cover just about everything nonsensical about this power system.

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10 The Ripple Equals UV Energy

So, much like how Demon Slayers swords use the power of the sun to kill demons, Jojo's Ripple technique uses the power of the sun to destroy vampires. Haven't any of these people heard of a UV lightbulb? From the bare-bones explanation WIll Zeppeli gives us in Season 1, the Ripple is the act of generating energy through the creation of ripples in the body thanks to a specific breathing technique. Yes, that alone makes no sense, but we'll get there. Secondly, the energy that's created is almost exactly the same as the type of energy given off by the sun. Do you mean UV light? How in the world does making ripples throughout an organism recreate UV light? We're not scientists, but something about the way that works seems majorly off.

9 Hamon Energy Equals Stands

Then, once we get to the end of Part 1 and 2, Hamon energy goes right out the window in favor of summoning spirits, otherwise known as Stands. Why? Because they "stand" with you. Perfect work Araki, a true genius. In any case, the beginning of Stardust Crusader tries to explain this transition by briefly mentioning that Stands are made up of the same type of energy as the Ripple. But, wouldn't that mean that Stand Users would have to use Hamon breathing in order to use their Stands? And, how does this energy production suddenly advance into creating artificial life in the form of a spirit? Especially ones with such insane powers? It's obvious that they wanted to drop the Ripple and move on, but this barely thought out explanation does a really poor job.

8 The Ripple Can Heal?

And, it seems like they weren't satisfied just letting the Ripple create sunlight energy, it also has specific properties as well! But not anything concrete, it changes according to what Araki needs it to do at any moment. It can travel through organisms, inanimate objects, and even liquid.

It can harden things, stick things together, even shoot caps off soda bottles. But, did you know it can also heal? Turns out the Ripple naturally increases a persons recovery period when used, because of course it does, meaning that a simple wave of the arm with a bit of the Ripple and a broken arm is almost totally healed. Honestly, the image above is one of the best memes the series has ever produced.

7 Why Aren't There Healers In Part 3?

But, if thats the case and the Ripple can even heal, then why, at the very least, didn't Joseph teach Hamon Breathing to Jotaro so he could heal teammates? Sure would have been helpful when Kakyoin was killed by Dio, or when Avdol and Iggy were killed by Vanilla Ice. Heck, it would've been a better way to fix Joseph's terminal lack of blood than to literally squeeze his heart with Star Platinum. Don't get us wrong, we love Jojo, but a series can be bizarre and also follow common sense, it's not that hard.

6 Bubbles Into Sawblades

Going back to what Hamon Breathing can do, the character Ceasar Zeppeli shows us plenty. Ceasar is a descendant of the original Will Antonio Zeppeli, and the Italian hunk has mastered the Ripple. Caesar uses it for a variety of things, but his main weapon is using his soap-soaked gloves to throw bubbled hardened with Hamon Energy. It's unclear how it works sometimes, but the sawblade bubbles have to be the wackiest thing.

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So they're hard, but Caesar spins them fast enough that they collapse in on themselves and make an outer ridge? We're not sure how something can be both hard and soft, but who really cares, Caesars fights are always so fun to watch.

5 The Ripple Can Cause Hypnosis?

Another trick Caesar uses that he sort of forgets about is the whole brainwashing aspect of the Ripple. During his initial meeting with Joseph Joestar, the two scantily clad macho men face off in a Ripple battle that ultimately ends up with Joseph trapped in a giant soap bubble. But, the start of the fight is the most interesting, as the young Zeppeli apparently infuses a random woman with Ripple Energy by kissing her, thus hypnotizing and strengthing her for a mere moment? There's no explanation here, he just does it and we're supposed to go along for the ride.

4 It Can Harden, Glue, Or Speed Up Items?

Let's go over the other physical properties the Ripple can change, just so we don't spend literally all day on them. The Ripple can be used to harden or stiffen objects, stick objects together with faux magnetism, and even add momentum to objects to turn any item into a lethal projectile. What are some examples of these things you ask? Well, Lisa Lisa uses her scarf as a kickstand constantly, Caesar makes a rope for Joseph to grab by sticking multiple icicles together, and Joseph almost kills Caesar by launching some hardened pasta noodles past him and into the wall behind him.

3 It Slows The Process Of Aging

And the last thing the Ripple can do that we want to talk about is its ability to stop aging or at least slow it. We know it's supposed to just be a knockoff type of sunlight energy, but the Ripple is also lifeforce energy don't you know? Anyway, Joseph Joestar uses this to great effect and actually travels the world in Stardust Crusaders at the ripe young age of 67. Also, he would've looked even younger, but he slaked on his Hamon training in the years between Parts 2 and 3.

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Why in God's name is this technique not passed onto Jotaro and so on? Why do all the other Joestars age normally but Joseph, the guy with an awful stand who cheats on his wife, gets to live past human limits?

2 Why Aren't There Hamon Batteries?

One of the first things they mention when talking about the Ripple is its conductivity or ability to flow through different objects. The Ripple travels through liquid amazingly well, and it sort of gets absorbed by metal. This is why Josephs's Clacker balls are so weirdly powerful. But, if metal holds the energy, why not make Hamon batteries? Why did we never see anything that stockpiled this energy to use as a superweapon of sorts? I mean they could've even made a crude battery by just combining Nitric Acid and some sheets of metal in a makeshift jar or something(thanks Dr. Stone).

1 The Ripple Can Be Passed On After Death

And finally, the last thing in the long, long list of things that make no sense about the ripple, is its ability to be passed on. Not the knowledge mind you, but rather the skills and potential. Caesar literally passes his Ripple Energy down to Jotaro after passing on, making him stronger. But, the ripple is just a type of energy and is not innately tied to the user at all, they just generate it. So, how can it be upgraded? And why haven't all Hamon users passed on their energy when they're close to kicking the bucket? Every answer just leads to 50 more questions, and we sort of love that about Jojo.

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