10 Stands From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6 We're Excited To See Adapted In The Anime

Though it is with heavy hearts that we leave Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's fifth part: "Golden Wind," anyone whose read the manga knows that the future is bright. Since "Stardust Crusaders," Stands have been a a defining trait of the series.

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Luckily, the upcoming sixth part of the series, "Stone Ocean" is beloved by many and is home to a wide and diverse range of Stands, each with memorable powers and abilities that we've come to expect from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. So with no further delay, here are 10 Stands From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 6 We're Excited to See Adapted in the Anime. Potential spoilers ahead!

10 Marilyn Manson

There are numerous stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure that can only be used under specific circumstances. These limitations often come at the cost of flexibility of use, but allow its user to greatly excel in one particular area. This is fully exemplified by the debt collecting Stand, Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson can only be activated if its user makes a bet with another person. If its user wins the bet and the other individual refuses to pay up, Marilyn Manson will mercilessly use force to take things from the other that are of equal value to what is owed. The only way to deactivate Marilyn Manson is to either pay off the debt, or have the bet called off by its user.

9 Limp Bizkit

Similar to "Golden Wind's" Notorious B.I.G., Limp Bizkit is a deadly Stand that still functions once its user is no longer alive. This trait by itself would make any stand hard to deal with, but what makes Limp Bizkit even more tenacious is its capability to bring back others from the dead.

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Not only will the stand continue to fight once it's user is taken care of, but it can cumulatively create more and more undead problems the longer a fight goes on. In case that a legion of the undead wasn't dangerous enough, the zombies created by Limp Bizkit are also invisible!

8 Underworld

While Stands that revolve around combative capabilities are fun for action-packed Stand battles, some of the most memorable Stands are those who utilize "outside the box" abilities. One of these Stands in "Stone Ocean" is Underworld. While Underworld is not well equipped for a direct one-on-one fight, it is incredibly versatile in its capabilities to defeat the enemies of its user. Underworld possesses the ability to recreate the memories of a given area, gaining information of what had happened in a given location, or forcibly putting another into a situation that had previously occurred there such as a violent tragedy or catastrophe, dooming another to a fate of something that has already previously occurred.

7 Bohemian Rhapsody

Some of the most powerful and notorious Stands in Jojo are those who can alter the fabric of reality itself, changing the properties of the world as we know it on a massive scale. A stand with no physical form, Bohemian Rhapsody is capable of giving life to fictional characters from everything ranging folklore to pop culture.

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These fictional characters can act of their own volition and are often violent. Bohemian Rhapsody is also capable of forcing human beings into the roles of characters in various stories in which they will be subjected to the character whom they've assumed the role of. This is a chaotic and extremely dangerous Stand whose primary weakness is itself.

6 Weather Report

Across various mediums, we've seen characters such as Storm in the X-Men wield the powers of weather manipulation. However, there are few characters who are capable of doing so in the extreme and bizarre fashion of Weather Report. Donning the same name as its wielder, Weather report has the ability to alter weather in ways that one wouldn't find anywhere but Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.  Though Weather Report allows its user to create strong winds and rain as one would expect from one with weather powers, Weather Report's capabilities include the ability to make it rain poisonous dart frogs and hallucination inflicting snails. Yes, you read that correctly. Hallucination inducing snails.

5 Foo Fighters

One of the most memorable Stands of "Stone Ocean," Foo Fighters. Unlike most Stands, which are effectively outward projections of another character that allow the use of a specific power, Foo Fighters itself is a Stand that is its own character.

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A hybrid of a Stand and a sentient colony of Plankton, the stand possesses the body of a dead human as to blend in, undetected. Without giving too much away for those unfamiliar with Part 6, Foo Fighters is involved with many of the most memorable and hilarious parts of "Stone Ocean."

4 Whitesnake

There are superpowers in fiction that inherently lend themselves to thematically fit a villainous character. This is the case with Whitesnake, the primary Stand utilized by "Stone Ocean's" antagonist, Enrico Pucci. Whitesnake is a stand that has the ability to forcibly steal internal traits of others in the form of disks. Whitesnake is capable of stealing anything from memories to even another individual's Stand, bestowing said disks onto others and giving another whatever happens to be on a given disk.

3 Survivor

Though deemed by Dio Brando himself to be the weakest Stand that exists, Survivor plays an integral role in "Stone Ocean." A stand that cannot be controlled directly by its user, Survivor causes anyone within its proximity to fly into an uncontrollable and violent rage, fighting whoever is closest to it.

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This means that the differentiation between friend and foe is made completely moot by Survivor, as all who are near it are made uncontrollable.

2 Stone Free

One of the most important Stands in each part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is that wielded by the respective Jojo of each part. In "Stone Ocean," Jolyne Kujo's Stone Free is no exception. Possibly the most versatile Stand to be utilized by a Jojo protagonist, Stone Free is made up of extremely durable fibers that can be unwound and utilized in a myriad of ways. Stone Free can use these fibers for subtle actions of stealth, defensive measures, or even in a manner comparable to Spider-Man's webbing.

1 Made in Heaven

It is impossible to discuss the most powerful Stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure without bringing up the third Stand wielded by, Enrico Pucci: Made in Heaven. Made in Heaven possesses numerous capabilities, one of which is to accelerate the speed of time itself, altering the flow of reality itself and making it extremely difficult to deal with. If this ability seems impressive, it is nothing compared to Made in Heaven's other capability: the ability to completely reset the universe itself and restructure existence itself.

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