JoJo: The 10 Worst Things Giorno Ever Did, Ranked

Giorno Giovanna may be a gangster, but he has a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocent. He gets that sense of justice from one of his fathers, Jonathon Joestar, the hero from the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. However, he's also DIO's son which means he has another side to him, a darker, violent side that usually comes out when he witnesses injustice. Sure, his enemies usually deserve their punishment but Giorno has a tendency to go overboard and also done some bad things to people who don't deserve it. So, here's the 10 worst things Giorno ever did, ranked!

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10 Stealing one hundred cars

During the Baby Face arc of Vento Aureo, Giorno and the gang need to find a way to make a getaway without being followed. After deciding to steal a car, Giorno comes up with a better idea to avoid being followed. If only one car gets stolen, than their enemies and the police would be able to easily track them, but if they steal a hundred cars, they would be harder to track.

In the end, Giorno's plan doesn't even really work. He turns the cars in a parking lot into frogs, but Melone's Stand Baby Face still catches up with them. So not only did the plan not work, but now dozens of innocent people are without their cars.

9 Stealing Koichi's luggage

Giorno showed no dignity at the start of Vento Aureo when he stole Koichi's luggage. Giorno had bribed the security officers at the airport to let him steal from naive tourists, and thought Koichi was a prime target. Koichi may seem naive but he's anything but, using his Stand Echoes Act 3 to stop Giorno's car after luggage was stolen.

Giorno gets the last laugh though, because when Koichi checks the car his luggage is gone and replaced with a frog. The frog follows Giorno and turns back into a suitcase which has Koichi's passport and all of his money.

8 Killing Leaky Eye Luca

Leaky Eye Luca is a violent criminal who probably deserved his fate, but that doesn't mean the way he died didn't give us a second-hand migraine. The shovel wielding Luca doesn't take too kindly to Giorno doing business on his turf, so he finds the prospective gangster to have a few words with him.

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Luca attacks Koichi's luggage-frog with his shovel despite a vague warning from Giorno, only to find the damage of the blow reflected back at him and caved in his skull in the shape of his own shovel. Luca won't be missed by any law-abiding citizen, but that doesn't mean the way he went out wasn't incredibly brutal and Giorno didn't even try to stop Luca.

7 Killing Polpo


Here's another character that deserved their fate but has us questioning Giorno's methods. Polpo was one of the capos, or lieutenants, of the Passione gang, living a cushy life in prison while still overseeing the recruitment of people into Passione. For Giorno to join Passione, Polpo tells him that he must keep a lighter's flame lit for 24 hours.

The test goes wrong and an innocent man ends up dead. Giorno can't help feel that Polpo insulted the man by dragging him into the mess and killing. For that, Giorno turned one of Polpo's guns into a banana and Polpo inadvertently shoots himself in the head. This was the moment fans realized that this JoJo doesn't mess around.

6 Sending a snake to kill Melone

Look, no one's arguing that Melone shouldn't have been killed. He was a lecherous creep with a unique Stand that creates a homunculus through an undisclosed process that forcefully impregnates a woman with the homunculus. He's a grade A scumbag for sure but his death at Giorno's hands must have been excruciating.

After defeating Melone's Stand, Giorno uses Gold Experience's ability to transform a piece of Baby Face into a venomous snake and sends it back to Melone. The snake bites Melone's tongue, sending Melone into convulsions and killing him.

5 Siccing Purple Haze on Illuso

Giorno's Stand ability is able to create life, but it seems he also has the power to send death at his enemies in the form of a snake. Because of Illuso's powerful mirror world ability, Giorno had to find a creative way to defeat him. Giorno let himself get infected with Purple Haze's virus and easily infected Illuso, but Illuso escaped out of the mirror world and left his infected hand behind.

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Giorno, however, had a card up his sleeve. Giorno created a snake to track Illuso's position, which allowed Purple Haze to hunt him down. Purple Haze infected Illuso with its virus, which slowly and painfully melted Illuso's body. Yeah, Giorno's plan worked, but he nearly died from infecting himself with the virus.

4 Cioccolata overkill



Again, we're not arguing that Cioccolata didn't deserve his fate, it's just that Giorno's method of dealing with Cioccolata was quite brutal. It was something we could see a villain doing, but not the hero.

Giorno turned a bullet in Cioccolata's head into a stag beetle to eat his brain. If that wasn't violent enough, Giorno then proceeded to beat the everloving stuffing out of Cioccolata that in the manga resulted in a 7 page barrage of punches, severing chunks of his body and sending him flying onto the streets of Rome.

3 Not stopping Enrico Pucci

Toward the end of Stone Ocean, Pucci called on the sons of DIO to do his bidding and stop Jolyne Kujo and her gang from interfering with Pucci's plans. Donatello Versus, Ungalo, and Rikiel come together and join Pucci, gaining Stand abilities in the process. While Giorno never makes an appearance in Stone Ocean, Araki did mention that Giorno was in Florida at the time.

That means when Pucci had evolved his Stand to Made in Heaven, Giorno could have stopped Pucci. Giorno would have been able to prevent any of Pucci's attacks with his Stand Gold Experience Requiem, who's power is to revert actions and willpower back to the state of "zero" which would have completely nullified Pucci's Stand. Alas, Giorno was nowhere to be found.

2 Becoming a mafia boss

Giorno may be the hero of Vento Aureo but that doesn't mean his ambitions are righteous. Giorno's dream is to become a "gang-star" and lead the Passione gang. Sure, he wants to get drugs off the streets but that doesn't change the fact that he wants to become a mafioso to do that.

Giorno does accomplish his dream and becomes the leader of Passione. The last we see of Giorno, he's having several men bowing before him and embracing his hand, swearing loyalty to Giorno.

1 Diavolo's fate

Diavolo is the main antagonist in Vento Aureo, the leader of Passione, and one of the strongest Stand users in the entire series but you can't help but feel bad for what happens to him because of what Giorno does. In the final battle between Giorno and Diavolo, Giorno pierces his own Stand with the Stand Arrow, turning Gold Experience into Gold Experience Requiem.

Giorno uses Gold Experience Requiem's newfound abilities to basically sentence Diavolo to Hell. Gold Experience Requiem used its ability to revert anything to the state of "zero", nullifying Diavolo's Stand ability to erase time and ultimately cause Diavolo to experience an eternity of repeating deaths where he dies, wakes up somewhere else, then dies again in a different way. Over and over, death after death, for all of eternity. Nobody deserves to experience that yet Giorno did it to Diavolo regardless.

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