JoJo: 10 Strongest Stands In Part 6

The concept of stands was introduced in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It was a brand new power and people didn't really know what was gonna happen to Hamon/Ripple. It took long enough to realize that Hamon would no longer be the power in JJBA. Stands were gonna take its place.

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The concept of stands was even better and more unique than Hamon. Stone Ocean is the sixth installment in the JoJo franchise. It is also one of the most divisive parts due to the ending, but we are not here to discuss that. Stone Ocean is filled with some of the strongest stands in the entire series. In this list, we will be taking a look at the ten strongest stands in JoJo Part 6.

10 Stone Free

Stone Free is the stand of Jolyne Kujo. She is the main protagonist of JJBA: Stone Ocean. Stone Free is a close-ranged stand with a lot of destructive power. Jolyne uses her stand in the most unique ways. Stone Free allows her to unravel her body into strings.

This extends Jolyne range and allows her to reach places that she can't reach. When Stone Free is completely compact, it can deliver punches at incredible speeds. It is said that the force behind Stone Free's punches is very close to that of an incredibly fast meteor.

9 Jail House Lock

Jail House Lock is the stand of Miu Miu. Enrico Pucci was proud of Miu Miu's ability to stop stand users from leaving the prison or preventing any outside interference. Miu Miu's stand causes a memory disorder in her opponents. When her ability activates, her enemies can't remember more than three things at once.

So, Miu Miu gives her enemies tons of information at once to pile further misery on them. According to Miu Miu the continuous memory loss with eventually affect the ability of thinking. It is a very dangerous ability and it cripples a person.

8 Underworld

Underworld is one of the most interesting stands in the JoJo franchise. The user of this ability is Donatello Versus, who is a son of DIO. Underworld doesn't have great physical power, in fact, it barely has any power. The thing that makes it dangerous is its ability to dig up old memories.

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Underworld can summon any event that has happened on the ground. It operates on the principle that the ground has a memory of everything that has happened on it. The person who gets caught up in the memory will experience the exact same things that happened in the memory. It can also dig up memories of individuals and gain information.

7 Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters is distinctive as it is a combination of a plankton colony and a stand. The stand is very sturdy against physical attacks. It requires water to function properly and will just die outside on dry land. Foo Fighters can also invade the body of a human being and take over their mind.

Another unique trait of Foo Fighters is that it can shoot parts of itself at enemies. The plankton can also seal away wounds that may be fatal to humans. Foo Fighters is without a doubt one of the most unique stands ever created by Araki.

6 Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is the stand of Ungaro, a son of DIO. Ungaro wasn't aware of his ability until he met Father Pucci. Even though Bohemian Rhapsody has no physical form, it is a really frightening ability.

The range of this stand is infinite. When a person meets a fictional character that they like, their souls are dragged into the story. The person will suffer the same fate as the character. In order to defeat the stand, the creation of another fictional character is needed.

5 Jumpin' Jack Flash

Next up on the list is the stand of Lang Rangler. It is a stupidly strong stand that has the ability to remove gravity. Rangler's spit causes the person to become the center of zero gravity.

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If the person touches any other thing, it also loses gravity. Jumpin' Jack Flash causes the air around the opponent to become weightless and leads to the creation of a vacuum. In the vacuum, anything containing air is a potential explosive. Lang uses this to his advantage as well.

4 Weather Report/Heavy Weather

Weather Report is the stand of an amnesiac user who goes by the same name. This stand allows him to control the weather to a certain extent. Weather is able to use his stand pretty effectively throughout the series.

Weather Report has an even more frightening side to his stand's ability. When Weather's memories came back to him, he uses Heavy Weather. It is almost impossible to defend against this ability. Heavy Weather creates rainbows and when someone touches them, their body will turn into that of a snail. The only way to stop this ability is either by sealing Weather's stand or by killing Weather.

3 C-Moon

C-Moon is the stand created by Enrico Pucci in order to achieve "heaven." It is the evolved form of White Snake. C-Moon has power over gravity itself. The stand can fight on almost equal footing against a close-ranged stand.

C-Moon is a remote-controlled stand and needs Pucci's directions to work properly. It causes Pucci to become the center of a reverse gravitational phenomenon. C-Moon also possesses an altered version of Made in Heaven. It can increase the speed of an object or any other thing that it comes in contact with.

2 Star Platinum: The World

Star Platinum is the most famous stand in the JoJo franchise. Belonging to Jotaro Kujo, Star Platinum is a short-range stand that is capable of very precise and fast movements. Star Platinum has defeated the strongest of opponents with its destructive power.

Jotaro awakened the ability to stop time like DIO towards the end of Stardust Crusaders. In Stone Ocean, Jotaro can stop the time for a maximum of five seconds. Despite having so much power, Jotaro's Star Platinum isn't the strongest stand in Stone Ocean.

1 Made in Heaven

It is time to pick the strongest stand in Part 6. Made in Heaven is the stand that would allow Enrico Pucci to reach "heaven." Made in Heaven has a speed advantage over other stands and it is capable of rendering time stop abilities useless.

It is able to control the force of gravity of the Earth, Moon, and the entire universe. Once the stand is activated, time will continue to flow faster and faster. Despite the stand being so powerful, the user retains all of their human weaknesses.

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