JoJo: 10 Strongest Characters In Stone Ocean, Ranked According To Strength

Each part of JoJo brings a new set of characters and stands. Ever since stands were introduced in Stardust Crusaders, Araki has worked on them and improved them in various ways. Araki abandoned the concept of Hamon/Ripple after Stardust Crusaders. With each part, there is considerable change and it pretty noticeable.

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JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Stone Ocean is one of the better parts of the series. It is the sixth part of the series. The protagonist of Stone Ocean is Jolyne Kujo. She is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. Stone Ocean was rebuked a lot for its ending. A lot of people did not like the ending. Anyway, Part 6 has some unique characters and stands. They are capable of challenging the strongest characters in the entire franchise. In this post, we will be ranking the top 10 strongest characters from Stone Ocean.

10 Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters was originally an enemy to Jolyne and Hermes. It was created by Pucci in order to protect the discs that he had stolen from people. It only allied with Jolyne after she spared their life by giving it water. Foo Fighters is a mixture of plankton and a stand. It has a stand of the same name, and it is very useful in fights. The plankton allows it to heal allies without any difficulties. It can also invade the body of other people and take control over it. Foo Fighters' biggest weakness is that it is prone to dehydration, thus it needs a constant supply of water.

9 Kenzou

Serving a sentence of 280 years, Kenzou is one of the many antagonists from Stone Ocean. He used to be the leader of a famous cult, but one day they all decided to burn themselves. Only Kenzou managed to escape and it was due to his ability known as Dragon's Dream. It is a peculiar stand that is neutral during a fight. The stand operates on the principle of Feng Shui, and Kenzou is able to use it to his advantage. With the help of Dragon's Dream, Kenzou is usually able to finish off his opponents in one strike.

8 Donatello Versus

One of the many sons of DIO, Donatello Versus is next on the list. He awakened his stand after meeting Pucci and he gained good control over it within a short period of time. Donatello's stand is called Under World, which allows him to excavate memories of people and events. It is a very dangerous ability as there is no way of altering the event if a person is caught in one.

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The person can only escape if they know about the event and find a loophole where no one was killed or injured. Another ability of Donatello's stand is that it grants him the ability to dig up memories for investigation.

7 Lang Rangler

Lang Rangler's stand ability is very special and it makes him a proper nuisance. His stand is called Jumpin' Jack Flash and it grants him the power to remove gravity from the environment. Lang could remove gravity from any place by using his spit and once the gravity has been removed, it causes a chain reaction due to which the air around the place becomes weightless. This creates a vacuum around the victim that sucks up blood from any wound. It took the combined effort of Jolyne's Stone Free and Weather Report's ability to take down Lang Rangler. This is a huge feat considering both of the stands are among the most powerful stands.

6 Miu Miu

Miu Miu is a severely underrated character and she needs to be appreciated much more. Miu Miu's stand is Jail House Lock. Anyone who comes in contact with the stand's power can only remember three things for the rest of their lives. With time, this ability causes irreparable damage to one's mental health. The most frightening thing about Jail House Lock is its range. The range of the stand is spread throughout the entire Green Dolphin Street Prison. Pucci was so confident in Miu Miu's ability that he knew no stand user could come in or get out.

5 Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne is among the very best female characters in the world of manga. She is a top tier protagonist who matures exquisitely throughout Part 6. Jolyne's stand is Stone Free which is an incredibly powerful close-ranged stand.

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The stand provides a lot of versatility to Jolyne due to its ability to control strings. It actually increases Jolyne's attacking range as she can unravel parts of her body. This allows her to fight against opponents who prefer to stay out of her range.

4 Anasui

Anasui's unique demeanor makes him a very interesting character. Even though he had never met Jolyne, he fell in love with her and his goal in life became to marry her. Anasui's usual personality is considered to be very dangerous and it was stated that without Weather Report, Anasui might have been wreaking havoc in the prison. Anasui's stand is Diver Down and it grants him two abilities. First, he can store the impact of an attack in an object and the second, he can restructure anything.

3 Weather Report

His real name is Domenico Pucci, but it was revealed rather late in the series. He is the brother of Enrico Pucci. Weather Report's memories were taken away by Enrico Pucci due to the dangerous stand that he possessed. Weather Report's stand is called Weather Report as well. His stand allows him to control the weather at his free will. Weather Report has an advanced ability that makes him untouchable, and that ability is called Heavy Weather. Heavy Weather turns everyone into snails and it operates on the principle of subliminal messages.

2 Jotaro Kujo

It was in Part 6 that Jotaro realized that punching someone hard doesn't always work. Jotaro Kujo is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the entire series, but there is always someone who is stronger. His stand is rather well-known and it is called Star Platinum. The stand possesses surreal destructive power and also the ability to stop time. At his peak, Jotaro could stop time for five seconds. It is fair to say that he might have been able to stop it for a longer period had he trained more.

1 Enrico Pucci

At the top of the list, we have Enrico Pucci. Pucci met DIO when he was young and DIO left a major impact on his mind. Enrico Pucci made it his life goal to achieve "heaven." His stand, Whitesnake evolved twice and both of the evolutions were very powerful. The final evolution was Made in Heaven, which granted Pucci the ability to increase the acceleration of time itself. This ability could even counter Jotaro's ability to stop time.

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