JoJo: Stands We Wish Were Real (& 5 We're Glad Aren't)

One of the best parts of Hirohiko Araki's anime adventure JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the magic system known as stands. Introduced in the third major arc, Stardust Crusaders, stands are how the warriors of JoJo do battle. Some stand users are heroes, many are villains or outlaws, and a few are merely civilians with a magic power.

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Suppose stands became a reality? Some of them would pretty useful, and could make important industry work much easier. But other stands could be easily abused to harm people or destroy property, and some stands seem to be entirely downsides! Which five stands would be a boon in the real world? And which five belong only in fiction?

10 A stand we want: The World

In the wrong hands, DIO's The World could be used to commit all kinds of evil. But in the right hands, meanwhile, The World's time-freezing power could save lives. Law enforcement officials could use it to apprehend someone dangerous without a conflict, for example, and so could SWAT teams or other armed forces. It could be a pretty potent tool, and it could save lives in counter-insurgency operations.

9 A stand we don't want: Cheap Trick

What's wrong with Cheap Trick? Everything! This stand is little more than a cruel and deadly prank, and it's ugly, anyway. It's more like a parasite, and it attaches to a poor user's back. Then, if someone else views that person's back, Cheap Trick will kill its current user and attach itself to the new person! This is nothing but trouble, and there's nothing to be gained in exchange. Let us hope nothing like that ever steps into reality.

8 A stand we want: Moody Blues

This is a stand from Golden Wind, and what a power it has! Rather than do battle, Moody Blues is a sort of forensic analyst. When Abbaccio activates it, Moody Blues can recreate a person who was in that area earlier, and assume their form. It can even replicate anything that the person said. Forensic experts and the police could easily use this to reconstruct a crime scene, and Moody Blues would be indispensable for a court of law. With it, we will know for sure who's guilty and who's not!

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7 A stand we don't want: Talking Head

Like Cheap Trick, Talking Head is nothing but trouble. Its effect isn't that impressive or interesting, either! When this petite stand gets into someone's mouth, it can force that person to say the opposite of what they meant to say. Not much point to that, is there? There's hardly any application for this, and it could do a lot more harm than good. Even in the JoJo anime, it's not a very potent weapon at all.

6 A stand we want: Gold Experience

Giorno Giovanna's stand is a very flexible one, since it deals with life itself! How could we use this in the real world? For one, it could help clear away rubble and allow search and rescue teams to retrieve victims, since Gold Experience could animate bricks and other rubble pieces into animals, which will then move away on their own. Plus, it can place a nonliving item on an open wound, and convert that item into the missing flesh and heal that person. Hospitals would love to get their hands on that. The stand doctor is in!

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5 A stand we don't want: Heaven's Door

While The World has the potential to be abused, Heaven's Door could really get out of hand. It's a flexible stand that allows the user to write something into another person, and that written information will become real and dictate that person's actions. This would violate a person's innate freedom to act and think as they choose, and it's a form of mind control that's chilling to think about. It could easily fall into the wrong hands, and even in the right hands, it feels a bit... off.

4 A stand we want: Hermit Purple

This is the stand of Joseph Joestar, and in Stardust Crusaders, this stand is useful for tracking down DIO and locating other information. A person using this in real life could use a camera, television, or computer to get an image of any subject they like. This could be great for not only law enforcement, but also for finding missing people or missing items. It doesn't do much damage in combat, either, so it couldn't easily be used to harm people.

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3 A stand we don't want: Notorious BIG

This is another stand that would spell total disaster in the real world, mainly because it's an all-consuming monster! Besides, it only activates when its user dies, and who wants that? Once this stand gets going, it can consume other items to keep growing, and it's ravenous for human flesh. There's no conceivable angle where this stand could do any good for anyone. Let it remain in fiction for all time!

2 A stand we want: Cinderella

This is one of the few non-combat stands, and its user is an ordinary civilian living in Morioh during the events of Diamond is Unbreakable. With this stand, the user can swap out a person 's facial features for new ones, being the last word in plastic surgery. In real life, let's hope that criminals don't use it to become impossible to track down! But in the right hands, it could be used for burn victims, for example, or anyone who's suffered unfortunate damage to their face. It could also be useful for people in the Witness Protection Program.

1 A stand we don't want: Super Fly

This list concludes with yet another stand that does a whole lot more harm than good. In Diamond is Unbreakable, the stand known as Super Fly manifests as an electrical pylon whose power is to... trap the user inside. Yes, that's all it does! No benefit of any kind comes from that, and it could trap a poor person inside because it looks so ordinary from the outside. The only way for Super Fly's user to escape is to lure another person inside to take their place. Ordinary, non-stand electrical pylons will do just fine for the real world.

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