JoJo: 10 Strongest Characters In Steel Ball Run, Ranked

Steel Ball Run or SBR, the seventh installment in the JoJo series is easily Hirohiko Araki's best work to date. It is truly a blessing for many fans that Araki created this masterpiece just after the controversial ending to Stone Ocean. Many fans had given up on the series due to the alternate universe ending, but Araki was ready to prove the doubters wrong.

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The alternate universe ending gave Araki the license to go wild with his imagination. So, at least the fans should be grateful to Part 6 in that regard. Steel Ball Run is one of the few manga that could get a 10/10 rating. It completely sets the standard when we are talking about the greatest manga of all time. SBR is filled with characters that are undoubtedly among the strongest when it comes to power. Here is JoJo: 10 Strongest Characters In Steel Ball Run, Ranked.

10 Mike O.

We start off the list with Mike O. whose Stand is Tubular Bells. The Stand allows Mike O. to create semi-automatic balloon animals. These balloon animals can cover a large area and thus, increase the range of his Stand. Mike O. has the ability to inflate metal and change its shape. But alas, Tubular Bells doesn't offer much protection, and it to proved to be fatal when Mike O. was killed by Hot Pants with her Stand.

9 Hot Pants

Hot Pants' Stand is pretty unique as it has no humanoid form. Instead, it is in the form of a weapon and it can be used by anyone who takes hold of the spray. The Stand is called Cream Starter and it allows the user to spray a cream-like substance that is capable of doing a range of things, from healing allies to decomposing someone's body on contact. The Stand ability also allows Hot Pants to change her or anyone else's appearance.

8 D-I-S-C-O

D-I-S-C-O is a minor antagonist in Part 7. He possesses a unique Stand known as Chocolate Disco. D-I-S-C-O's Stand functions as a tool on his arm. The Stand grants him control over a large area, but it has no direct way of harming a person, so D-I-S-C-O had to rely on the things that he is carrying in order to cause damage to his opponents. The range of the Stand is about twenty feet and it allows him to teleport within the grid. The biggest drawback of this ability is that D-I-S-C-O must be very precise with his attacks.

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7 Blackmore

Blackmore was one of Funny Valentine's most trusted men, and his Stand is Catch The Rainbow. It is a very unique Stand that allows the user to freely exert their control over rain. The ability is almost unbeatable during rain, as Blackmore easily controls each droplet. Trying to bypass them would cause critical damage. However, if the rain withdraws, the Stand will be deactivated.

6 Diego Brando

Steel Ball Run wouldn't have been perfect without the inclusion of Dio and it shows once you read the series. Diego Brando earns his stripes as one of the main antagonists. His Stand is Scary Monsters, which allows him to turn anyone into a dinosaur. Originally, this Stand belonged to Dr. Ferdinand, but after his death, Diego was able to retain the ability due to having one of the parts of the corpse. Diego's intellect combined with the Stand made him a big threat to everyone. Funny Valentine recognized it and got rid of him.

5 Ringo Roadagain

Ringo Roadagain is one of the most underrated characters in the entire JoJo franchise. His Stand is called Mandom and it allowed him to rewind time by six seconds, usually by turning a hand on his wristwatch. But it is very likely that he doesn't require the wristwatch to rewind the time. The watch just acts as a psychological switch. The Stand doesn't seem to have any offensive ability; it just supports Ringo during a fight.

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4 Gyro Zeppeli

Gyro Zeppeli is one of the main characters in Steel Ball Run along with Johnny Joestar. The former participated in the race because he wanted to help the little boy who had been sentenced to die. Gyro had mastered the Zeppeli Family's technique of throwing steel balls. His "Stand" is known as Ball Breaker and it is actually the visualization of the Spin. When Gyro managed to achieve the Golden Spin (albeit the steel ball was imperfect), the Ball Breaker managed to bypass even D4C's Love Train.

3 Alternate World Diego Brando

If you were surprised to see Diego Brando earlier, it's because a better version of him exists. This version of Diego Brando was found by Funny Valentine, who was trying to find someone who would stop Johnny Joestar. This was Funny Valentine's answer to Johnny's Tusk Act 4. The alternate world's Diego had a different Stand from the original one. This Diego had The World and as we know, it has the ability to stop time. He was almost successful in achieving his task, but in the end, Lucy Steel helped Johnny out.

2 Funny Valentine

The 23rd President of the United United, Funny Valentine is one of the guys that no one wants to face in a fight. Besides being awfully clever, Valentine has a very powerful Stand ability called Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C. All the Stand requires him to do is to get caught between two surfaces and he can move freely through dimensions. This makes Valentine almost immortal, as he can switch out his damaged self with an unharmed version.

1 Johnny Joestar

Finishing at the top of the list, as he should be, is Johnny Joestar. Johnny Joestar is one of the greatest protagonists in manga history. Araki deserves a lot of credit for making such a fantastic character. Johnny started the series as arguably the weakest character, who couldn't even walk. But he developed into an excellent major player. Johnny's Stand is Tusk,which has different forms, the strongest being Act 4, which grants him infinite attack power. If one of his nails hits the enemy, it's over for them. In order for the attack to stop, Johnny must fire another nail.

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